• Omni Guide

    Omni is a “switched on” uncompromising ALL IN ONE COMPLETE ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY, designed to be scalable and configured for all business solutions. Omni’s makes it possible for all business types to easily and seamlessly upgrade through the complete range of Omni Modules and switches.
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    R 399.00

    Complete entry level accounting system.
  • Small Business

    R 699.00

    Accounting, simple stock control for retailers and trader service.
  • Medium Business

    R 1199.00

    Expanding business track supplier, customer back orders, advanced inventory analysis and account processing.
  • R 1199.00

  • Established Business

    R 5999.00

    Established business requiring high-tech and refined functionality.
  • Large Business

    R 10999.00

    Large businesses that require sophisticated ERP and accounting controls.
  • Shop Front

    R 1199.00

    Full POS incorporating everything related to sales, barcode scanning etc including complete accounting and report.

Omni’s Pick & Mix System

Seamless Growth Path from Essential to Premium

Omni is not only modular, but granular as well (we call them switches), enabling the customer to pick and mix bundles, modules and switches best suited to their application simply and instantly. Select from our 5 primary products. Each module is carefully balanced to meet different levels of sophistication.

Mix and Match to customise your OMNI module by selecting, activating, purchasing any additional switches (features) you require, over and above those available in the module you have purchased.


No new installations! No reloads! No worries!


Not just Accounting ...

In addition to the core accounting functions, Omni addresses the “below the (Accounting) line” administrative activities such as manufacturing and distribution etc which, like the core accounting modules (General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Cash Book), are critical to businesses.

Omni being a fully integrated system means that all supplementary modules rely on and integrate with the core accounting modules, eliminating duplicate entries and ensuring that they always remain in sync.

Omni Seal of Authenticity

• Trusted by over 25 000 users throughout southern africa
• 27 years experience in accounting and business solutions
• Accredited by accountants and professionals alike
• Technologically engineered for seamless growth
• Fully optimised modules supported nationally
• Highly efficient, affordable and easy to use

“Omni Software is a highly efficient yet easy to use accounting system that delivers focused and effective business solutions, and will meet ALL your expectations.”

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