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About Omni Accounts

Omni Accounts

Omni Accounts is uniquely developed and distributed by CK Services. CK Services is a South African Company and Omni Accounts is a wholly South African Product developed by us. Built on more than 30 years of operational and trading success, CK Services has a sound understanding of Accounting System requirements and enterprise report planning solutions for all businesses, large and small.

Head Quarters

Head Quarters are based in Durban, South Africa with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. CK Services continues to work very closely with many enterprises and accountants, and has a substantial Dealer Network throughout S.A. and neighbouring states, to develop an efficient support infrastructure, critical to the smooth and competent commissioning and the on-going support of its 37000 users.

Growth and Commitment

Omni Accounts has experienced tremendous growth since it was first launched and while the product has evolved and grown since then, our commitment to customer service excellence and meeting customers ever changing needs remains our priority.

CK Services

CK Services strives to provide not only world-class software, but also to provide an excellent standard of instant customer support. We strongly believe in dealing ethically with both our customers and our suppliers, and strive to provide a personal service dedicated to seamless growth. We also recognise that our staff members including all our customers, are the foundations upon which we build our business.

The Founders

The founders of CK Services, Chris and Andy Kudla, together with their young, dynamic succession team, remain committed to continue to build CK Services into the preferred Accounting Software Developers in South Africa. Our core business is the development, marketing and support, of the Omni Accounts Software package.

What our Founders have to say

"35 years ago we were involved in developing a highly customised software written expressly for a company, and decided during this time, that we could consolidate all that programming experience and knowledge into one authentic and unique product, which could provide most if not all of the functionality, and which would be a lot easier to use and maintain, than various different versions.

The inspiration that led from the “idea” behind creating Omni Accounts Software continues to remain dedicated to this need that we saw in the market, for an “all-in-one,” well-priced, stable, and a non-support intensive system together with enterprise resource planning to amplify a seamless growth path solution."

Founders Chris and Andy Kudla


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