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Accounting Courses Online

Accounting Courses Online

Omni Accounts: Accounting Courses Online

Whether you’re a start-up business operating as a one-man show, an aspiring accountant with a love for numbers, or even an established corporate enterprise with a large staff, conference facilities and several coffee makers, having a good grounding in accounting is incredibly valuable. In fact, it’s imperative.

Because no matter your industry, your goal is profit, and monitoring transactions is key to that end goal. Fortunately, there are great accounting courses online catering to all levels and requirements.

Can accounting be self-taught?

Accounting basics can certainly be self-taught, but only with the correct support. A great way to learn accounting is through online courses. If you compare the various online accounting courses and find one that provides solid support with great reviews, then you’re off to a great start.

Can I study accounting online?

Absolutely! Financial accounting courses are available online, but they vary in quality and accessibility. However, if you’re going through a reputable online accounting course then there are many benefits to enjoy.

  • Flexibility: As the past few years have indicated, distance working and learning is completely possible in the modern, digital age, and online courses, no matter your accounting level, are a welcome trend. This form of online studying is also hugely beneficial if you’re having to balance family life, work-life or other obligations.
  • Learn at your pace: Mindful education allows you to learn without the added pressure of a deadline! Many accounting training courses don’t have set completion dates, allowing you to pursue them in your own time and at your own pace. While you don’t want to keep putting off your studying, it’s often beneficial to not have a deadline looming overhead.
  • Cost-effective option: If your budget is tight, then basic online accounting training is often more favourable. For students, there’s no cost related to housing and travel, with most online options comparatively cheaper.
  • More options: There is a much wider variety of course options online than can be found in a brick-and-mortar institution. There are no limitations in terms of access to intellect and support, so whatever accounting course you’re looking for, you can find it.

What are the best online accounting courses?

There are endless options available to you, from foundational free online accounting courses, a bookkeeping course, or advanced courses offering an accounting certificate. Before making your choice, go through these questions first.

  • Is the accountancy course self-paced or scheduled?

As mentioned above, some people prefer to study at their own pace without the deadline of a final exam. Others prefer a more scheduled approach to study. Whichever one you choose to go with, it’s important to set time aside in your daily schedule to hone your accounting skills.

  • Is there peer interaction?

If you’re completing a short course in accounting, then the need for peer interaction and study sessions is less likely. However, for more advanced accounting courses, check for forum discussions, tutor sessions and live classes.

  • Is it accredited or certified?

Whether you’re looking for accreditation or a certification completely depends on your career plan. If you’re doing a basic accounting course for your own skill development, then you might not require any certification. However, most fee-charging financial accounting courses will endow you with some form of accreditation at the end of the course.

  • What is the cost?

You can opt for free courses but these do come with limitations in terms of grading and certifications. For South Africans, the exchange rate is not always favourable for international online learning, which means local courses are often a better option.

  • What do the reviews say?

As with any product or service, you must check what the reviews say before investing. A simple Google search or check on the company’s website should give you a bit more information on what you want to know.

And the best online South African training courses?

Omni Accounts offers training courses that empower customers to manage their own Omni Accounts software. The courses are designed to suit everyone from basic users through to end users looking to specialise in accounting software.

How much does an accounting course cost?

To give you an idea of the cost of such training courses, here’s an overview of Omni Accounts offerings:

  • Introduction to Omni Accounts course

Description: The introduction to Omni Accounts is one of the most popular courses and gives a great overview of Omni Accounts for new users.

Time: 4 hours

Cost: R299 pp

  • Customers and Suppliers Course

Description: The Customers and Suppliers Course is a full day online course that covers the Omni Accounts Debtors and Creditors modules in detail.

Time: 7 hours

Cost: R1 000 pp

  • Inventory (Stock) Control Course

Description: The Inventory Control Course is an online course that covers in detail the Omni Accounts Stock (Inventory) module.

Time: 4 hours

Cost: R500 pp

  • Nominal (General) Ledger and Banking Course

Description: The Nominal Ledger and Banking Course online course covers in detail the Omni Accounts Nominal Ledger and Banking modules.

Time: 4 hours

Cost: R500 pp

  • One-on-One Training

Description: Sometimes there is a need for training to suit your specific requirements. Book a one-on-one training session with Omni Accounts support consultants.

Cost: Price on request

Is accounting still a good career?

Yes! Higher education is always beneficial. Once you’ve trained in accounting, there are also several career paths to pursue, from a staff accountant through to management accounting – the opportunities are endless. Starting with an online training course through Omni Accounts is a great way to get into the accounting field, and there are many advantages to pursuing this highly-regarded profession.

These include:

  • Financial security
  • Access to many job options
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Opportunities for international travel
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities

The great thing about the Omni Accounts courses is that you will gain superior accounting software training which will better place you to work in any industry. There’s no need to waste any more time, simply click on the course you’re keen to do and get it done! They’re also on hand to provide valuable one-on-one support so you’re 100% clear on what you’re doing from the start. For any more advice, get in touch with Omni Accounts today!