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Ace's Gas
Andile Sompondo

I've been recommending Omni accounting to my friends but now I feel like wearing your T-shirt everywhere! Thank you very much again you have made my day to day.

Craig Van Dyk

Omni Accounts is a great accounting software program with all the same features of its major competitors, since we started using it back in 2009 we have not looked back, with local support makes it an even better choice. It’s fully customisable and the options available are endless, and the initial and annual costs are highly affordable even for small businesses.”

Armitage Computers
Clinton Armitage

I must say that Omni has been the best accounts package I have seen on the market - it has given us flawless results over the years.

Baviaans Tyres
Juanita Williamson


Dekade Paints
Denise Gibson

We have been using the Omni Accounting package for a few years now, and have found it to have all the answers to our financial questions. We researched a stock control/manufacturing package solution and Omni has certainly provided that and more.

Dice Pizza
Cheryl Vos

WOW!!!!! Omni Accounting package what a pleasure to use this package not only is it easy to use but the support team actually supports. I have no accounting knowledge, and I have wasted money on purchasing other packages, yet with Omni Accounts it was 1 - install 2 - activate 3 - setup your company to your own preference and 4 - there you go!

Diverso Technology
Anna-Marie Du Toit

I have to share this with OMNI once again, you have put GREAT thinking into branches and reporting categories, we can create such awesome reports!

Drivelines & Spray Flow


After wasting vast amounts of time evaluating several ERP packages only to find they were inadequate, too complicated or way too costly for our smallish manufacturing business, I was forever grateful to OMNI for providing me with an affordable solution to all our ERP/Accounting requirements. The impressive support and excellent modular training has resulted in me telling many of my friends of the OMNI benefit in business. Thank you to the “OMNI TEAM” for saving my bacon.

DTS Security Products

Linton Schmidt

We have been using Omni Accounts for 1 ½ decades. It is SIMPLE but versatile to use and very adaptable to most requirements. During the years upgrade have been done to the program making it an integral part of our business. Feedback and response from sales or support staff is great.

Elhanja Investments (Pty) Ltd
Grace Catao

I really appreciate the IT support I've received from Omni now and in the past. Omni is head and shoulders above any other company that I've dealt with.

Fire Alert
Angie Jordan

We changed to OMNI way back when it was first launched and have benefited from keeping up with the upgrades and support. OMNI continues to be our preferred accounting software.  It has not only met but exceeded all our requirements of growth.

Fragrance Boutique
Daniel Du Toit

The processes and technical attributes are simple and straightforward.  After experiencing a Server crash and overcoming it with all my data intact, I like Omni even more.

Gap Consultants
Peter S Rosmarin
Mouille Point, Cape Town

I am an accountant by profession and have been using computerised accounting programs since 1981. ACCPAC, BRILLIANT ACCOUNTING, QUICKBOOKS AND OMNI. There have obviously been many changes during the years in both computers and accounting programs, and they all have their pro’s and con’s.
I started using OMNI in about 2008 and have never regretted the decision. The program is powerful and comprehensive with great features, such as the powerful, very flexible database and detailed extensive reporting system, but for me, the FEATURE of OMNI is the amazingly accessible support available and the competent, knowledgeable advice so readily passed on by the consultants. OMNI is proudly SOUTH AFRICAN and I am too.
I strongly endorse OMNI and have no hesitation in recommending the program to anyone requiring an efficient, reliable, comprehensive accounting package with excellent back up and service. Congratulations to all at OMNI.

J.P. Marais

You know I don't just like the Omni Accounting Software, I like everything about you guys. All of you need to get accolades. From Reception, Support right through to Accounts! Quick and real professional service. I wish that all suppliers could have been like you guys.

Graduate Print & Copy

We have a busy print shop and chaos was the usual order of the day. Omni was the only accounting software package that could help reign in ALL the facets of our business as we found the software to be flexible as opposed to other generic products that are on the market. The consultants have made themselves available every time we required them, so much so, that for a couple of weeks they were a permanent fixture at our offices to ensure we understood the system and we’re able to use it to its full capacity.

KT Beverages
Adri Van Vuuren

Omni Support Team, I would like to thank you for your assistance with my problem. Junior thank you for all your patience. I can honestly say that this was one of the best support teams I have ever encountered. Thank you all very much.

Lexwal Management Services
Alex Walters

I had no previous experience in working with an accounting package but found Omni very easy to use. And It is so uplifting to see that there are still businesses that do care about their clients.

Lombard Solutions
Morne Lombard

I’ve been using Omni for years, I am still very happy and it is so user-friendly.

Malan Melkery

We find Omni Accounts to be very versatile and easy to use as well as can give us the dynamic reporting functionality that our business needed to increase in productivity and turnover in the last 3 years. We recommend this product to all that consider a new Accounting Software.

MBA Business Systems
Leon Pelser

I just have to mention what a pleasure it is to work with all of you at Omni.  I have been in the industry for a long time and even when we were the sole distributors for NewAge in KZN, we did not have this kind of relationship with the principals.

MBT Accounting Services
Tsimi Thulo

Omni Accounts is one well-made South African product. Succinct, yet so comprehensive. The software itself answers some of the somewhat confusing questions I posed in class in Johannesburg.

M Strydom & Company
Graham Strydom

Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. It has been a privilege!


The usability surpasses any other software I’ve encountered, the databases are nice and small and easily transferable”

Paragon Paints
Kerryn Courtis

Changing to Omni was the best decision we made, it is extremely user friendly and the support line is very efficient with any queries which may arise.

Planet Pool

When we first started looking for a new POS and Integrated Accounting Software package we looked at between 16 and 20 different packages available on the market and that was after already having burnt our fingers with two extremely expensive and very inadequate software packages before that. So each package we looked at was thoroughly analyzed so as to not "get caught again" and quite honestly OMNI is in a league of its own. We rated all other packages at between 3 and 6 out of 10... OMNI? 15 out of 10!! What an amazing package, with so much flexibility, fantastic service and great support!!! We've never looked back since and are extremely satisfied... and it's so easy!!!

Procure Supplies and Media (PTY) Ltd
Zunaid Engel

As a small procurement business, we value the functionality that Omni Accounts has to offer, enabling us to manage our administrative, operational and financial processes efficiently. We highly recommend Omni Accounts to any and all SME’s.

Service Driven Technology
Clinton Armitage

I must say that Omni has been the best accounts package I have seen on the market - it has given us flawless results over the years.

Shaves Industrials (Pty) Ltd
Craig Lilford

Omni has proven to be a fantastic accounting solution package, which we have used for the last 7 years.  Their product development and support has been excellent allowing the solution to grow with the needs of our business.

Standley’s Office Supplies

I started my business from home and needed an affordable yet effective accounting package and was introduced to the Omni software. This was exactly what I needed as I could afford it and 10 years later we are still using Omni as it has grown as we have. It is a very powerful system and I would recommend it to all companies especially new small businesses.

Tata Guys
Supplier of high quality truck parts

I wish to take this opportunity of informing the manager/supervisor of the excellent service I received. If assistance is going to be the way of my experience, then I have made up my mind to be purchasing this package.

Corne Raubenheimer

I would like to share that Omni Accounts is a great accounting system where we can manage direct retail stores as well as Service Centres across South Africa in a matter of seconds, Awesome report base and very easy to create your own daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly and Annual reports by making a few changes. I recommend Omni Accounts to all new entrepreneurs as well as corporate companies…. Happy trading!!!

The Airplane Factory
Geraldine Neveling

Omni Accounting/ERP software - We have been using OMNI for 5 years and find it extremely user friendly and versatile.
Interactions with our Sales Consultants - The staff are amazing, they are always friendly & efficient, they won’t hesitate to answer all possible questions and assist you till the end!
Interactions with our Support Consultants both Onsite as well as the Support Centre - Have never had better service. Always willing to assist with problems & troubleshooting.

The Patio

Thank you very much for such a wonderful fast service. Thank you very much team. Stay well and keep the service. Very happy.

TW Technical Services

We have been using the OMNI Accounting Package for 2 years and in my personal opinion it is the best decision our company has made. It is user friendly, comprehensive in its functionality and the support has been outstanding.

Vali's Auto Electric (Pty) Ltd
Zane Vali

In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

UK Emporium KZN
Dennis Mitchell

Omni Point of Sale has worked well for my business for a number of years.

Wight Light Marketing Ltd (UK)
Alan Turner

You guys are a credit to the industry.

Zambezi VTC
Malcolm Williamson

Omni Accounts, never ceases to amaze me. The fantastic support is also something worthy of note.

Andries S Janse van Vuuren

When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.


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