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Configuring an Omni Accounts ERP Solution


Configuring an Omni Accounts ERP Solution

Overview of an ERP System

An ERP solution for a business needs to be configured correctly and carefully. Every business has unique requirements and configuring an ERP solution is often a complex process. Omni Accounts allows functionality to be incorporated into an ERP software solution in a granular method much like building blocks. This means the software can be configured to suit the needs of the business as well as being able to unlock (switch on) more functionality as required. This article is intended as merely an overview of how an Omni Accounts ERP software solution might be configured for business.

Omni Premium Bundle

The foundations of an Omni Account ERP Software solution is one of the two most feature-rich bundles, either the Omni Accounts Enterprise Bundle or the top end, Omni Accounts Premium Bundle. The Omni Accounts Premium Bundle is recommended as it contains the most switches which are discounted because they are purchased as part of the Premium Bundle.

What functionality is required?

Once the choice of the bundle has been made, then the extra functionality required for your business needs to be identified. There are a few main industry types which we will use to group the functionality available as well as a General group which covers functionality useful to most businesses. The main industry types are:-
•    Manufacturing
•    Retail & Wholesale
•    Service

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

CRM (Custom Relationship Management). Every business has customers and interaction with them is vital. The ability to efficiently manage this flow of communication is of enormous benefit. These communications can take the form of sales quotes and follow-ups, financial documents such as invoices and statements, credit control ensuring prompt payment, to name just a few. Omni Accounts offers rich functionality in its Communications Switch.

Multi-Currency. With the level of globalisation, many businesses are now trading in foreign currencies. This functionality is handled by the Omni Accounts Multiple Currency switch.

The Omni Automation switch delivers functionality around the movement of data in and out of Omni Accounts. Some examples of this are:-

  • Reports and Dashboards delivered without manual intervention. The ability to have predefined reports or dashboards run on a user-defined schedule and emailed to specific people can greatly improve efficiency.
  • Automatic importing of documents, such as Sales Orders into the database.
  • Integrating to a website.

Multiple Stock (Inventory) Warehouses. Your stock may be stored in multiple locations. Omni Accounts Multiple Stock Warehouse switch allows full control of this and can be configured to restrict user access to specific warehouses. Documents that track and control transfers between warehouses fall under the Inter-Warehouse Documentation switch.
Reports. Many businesses rely on spreadsheets to give them information that is gathered from different sources. Omni Accounts ERP software (Enterprise and Premium bundles) allows customised reports to be designed if the standard Omni Report Writer cannot provide the information.


Bill of Materials. Having control of what raw materials are needed for your manufactured (finished) items that you sell is crucial. This information allows control over the cost of manufacture as well as providing stock availability information for the manufacturing process.

Stock Serial and Batch Numbers. For many manufacturing businesses, the ability to track raw materials as well as the finished goods is important if not compulsory.

MRP (Material Requirement Planning) In order to be able to extract MRP information, production or manufacturing batches must be defined. In an Omni Accounts ERP solution, this is achieved by two methods. One is by using the Stock Decanting Batches switch, which despite the name, allows you to create production batches. The other method is by using the Job Costing switch. In some environments, a combination of both these methods works well.

Retail & Wholesale

Stock Bar Codes. In most retail environments, the ability to use bar codes on stock or inventory is important. There are many benefits to implementing and using bar codes not only in a Point of Sale (POS) environment but in other retail or wholesale businesses.

Customers with branches. Your business may deal with customers who have multiple branches. Omni Accounts Multiple Branches per Customer switch handles this providing consolidated statements and allow prices and discounts to be set up for each individual branch.

Managing deliveries to customers. If you deliver goods to your customers then managing the delivery schedules and loads of your vehicles can be difficult. Omni Accounts Vehicle Loading and Customer Routes switches provide the functionality to manage sales orders, loads, packing slips, etc.

Job Costing

For a business invoicing out labour costs, often with an aspect of selling parts used in the process, Job Costing functionality will give control over costs incurred for each job as well as control on parts and spares used. Job Costing not only helps to keep track of labour and stock but also provides information on the profitability of each job and ensures invoicing is easy, quick, and accurate. Omni Accounts ERP software provides functionality under switches such as Job Costing, Employee Timesheets, etc.


The article is intended as a starting point for configuring Omni Accounts for your business’s ERP Accounting software solution. It is by no means a comprehensive description of the functionality Omni Accounts offers. The term ERP is a very general term that covers a vast number of different requirements and given the unique nature of every business the permutations are infinite. The main feature of an ERP Accounting Software solution is that it is a totally integrated solution, which is what Omni Accounts offers. To configure an ERP software solution for your business, your requirements need to be defined and then, with the help of an Omni Sales Consultant, a solution can be configured. There is no obligation involved in this process.