Omni BETA Testing 

Thank you for taking interest in our new release, and our BETA program.

Although you will be getting a BETA release, we do our best to ensure that the version you have is stable and reliable. In addition, we also try not to have too many unnecessary updates and patches to apply, so will only build another release if we find a significant problem. It is therefore important as a BETA tester, that you keep up to date as soon as the new builds come out (usually once a month, shortly after month end, when most the problems are found).

Pre-requisites for BETA sites:

Pre-requisites – dealers and customers

- ADSL line (or other suitably fast internet connection)
- able and willing to download the 100 MB upgrade file once a month for the duration of the BETA period.
- able and willing to apply any urgent updates, patches and scripts as they come out.
- able and willing to upload a backup of the company’s database to our FTP site for analysis (in the case of a problem being found that we cannot replicate via screenshots here).
- able and willing to keep us up to date as to what BETA version is currently being used via email

Pre-requisites – customer specific

- must have an upgrade subscription which is valid for at least another 3 months, so upgrade subs don’t expire while using a BETA version.
- need valid tele-support, if they would like to deal directly with us by phone. Being a BETA tester does not entitle you to free support.
- full priority email and tele-support is highly recommended
- must preferrably be someone who has been using the latest released version for at least 3 months, and is familiar with it.
- must have been using Omni for at least 6 months, preferably one year.

Pre-requisites – dealer specific

- must not update any of their customers to a BETA version, without prior approval from both us, and the customer of course.
- customers on BETA must be aware they are getting a BETA version
- once an approved customer is on a BETA version, you need to keep the customer current, and inform us of their current version
- try not to burn BETA copies to CD. If you have to, please mark them very clearly, so you do not use an unstable version at a later date by mistake. Always check the forum for a new build before updating a new site.

Benefits of being a BETA site

If you make a good suggestion, and the impact is low, we can usually implement the new suggestion straight away (if it does not involve database structure changes). If you wait till the final release, then make a very good suggestion, it may unfortunately have to wait for the following year’s release.
Also, if you are a site that has some obscure methods, you may find you still encounter a problem after the final stable release has gone out. At this stage, CD’s are getting shipped to stores, and it becomes a lot harder to alter things.

How to join the BETA program

The BETA testing program is run via a closed LinkedIn discussion group.
The link for the Omni BETA testing group is:
Apply to be a member of the group. We will then process your application (based on the above criteria), and let you know the outcome. Please make sure there is enough information on your LinkedIn profile for use to find you in our database. If you think there is any doubt, please drop a mail to support to let them know which customer ID matches your LinkedIn profile.
NB. If you are not already a member of the end user group, please apply to be a member there as well, else you will not show up on the sub-group. The end user group’s link is:
All updates will be posted to this group (as download links)
If you are having trouble finding the download links, look at the latest "Featured" post.
The posts usually follow the format of:
- link to upgrade instructions 

- important information that BETA testers should read, usual only one or 2 sentences, but very important
- link to download upgrade
- link to download a new install
NOTE: when you get your digest mail from LinkedIn, you will need to click on the discussion, then if you still can't see the whole post, click on the "more.." link, so that the full post is displayed.

You may also use this group for reporting BETA bugs.
Please do not post new requests/suggestions here, rather post those to the Omni RFC sub group.

My Dealer will be doing the upgrades, do I still need to register on the forum?

Yes, you still need to register, so that you are aware of any issues as soon as they arise. You will also be aware of what upgrades are available, and may need to apply a patch immediately, if it is an issue that will affect you.


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