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Customers Overview

The Customer Master File is divided into sections where all the information relevant to each particular customer is stored.  The Customer Master File is divided into a number of sections (TABS) which allow for easy navigation.

The first tab, the Customer Details Tab, includes the Customer Code; Customer name; Customer Branches; Customer Regions; Hold-Status; Postal Address; Physical Address; Customer VAT Number and Statement type. 

The Contacts Tab will enable you to capture all the contacts relevant to that customer.  You have the ability to capture an unlimited number of contacts per customer.  In the event that the customer also happens to be a supplier to your business, you will be given the opportunity to setup the contacts once and simply link them across to the Supplier Account.

Under the Defaults Tab, you will be able to capture account details such as the Credit Terms you have extended to your customer and applicable interest rates; the Default Currency, VAT Codes; Transaction Analysis Fields; Currency; VAT Codes and Types are setup.

The information on the Invoicing Screen will set the default values to be used for this customer.  When processing invoices the system will select the relevant discounts and prices based on the default settings.  These include Discount Levels; Default Selling Price Number; Customer Deals; the ability to print Customer Price Lists; and the ability to control Customer Back Orders for the customer.  You can also stipulate whether Customer Order Numbers are required, apply overall discounts; Settlement Discounts; setup the Sales Categories, Sales Reps and Customer Areas.

The Communications Tab is where all your communications with the Customer will be logged.  Communications generated from within Omni Accounts such as Customer Documents will automatically store in the Communications Module.  Verbal and Email Communications will need to be manually captured.  The tab will also display who instituted the Communication and who is responsible for following up that communication and when.

In the event that you require further information fields per customer, you have access to eight additional information fields which can be found on the More Details Tab in the Customer Master File.  The field names can be specified in the Customer Options and the relevant Customer-Specific Data captured accordingly.  This data can be used to create meaningful reports to be drawn at a later stage.

Likewise there are an additional four fields which can be configured in the Customer Options called Customer Transaction Analysis.  Although these fields do appear in the Customer Master File, data is only entered into them at the time of processing a sales document.  These fields can include for example, a customer’s Cell Phone Number on a cash-sales invoice.  Should that customer ever come back and make an enquiry about something, you will be able to run an invoice enquiry based on the customer’s Cell Phone Number and bring up all invoices which are linked to that Cell Phone Number.

Sales Documents

Omni Accounts generates a full spectrum of Sale Documents, these include:

Sales Order

These allow you to capture customer back orders and prevent any order from being overlooked.  The Sales Order can be converted into a Tax Invoice which will allow for better inventory management and for the provision of powerful reports.


These allow you to create Customer Quotes and Estimates which can be converted into a Sales Order or Tax Invoice.  A Quote creates no financial transactions nor is stock affected in any way.  A Quotes allows you to send a written document to your customer which can then be converted into a Tax Invoice without having to re-enter all the information.  Customer Quotes have a built-in expiry date which defines when the quote expires.

Pro-Forma Invoice

Allows you to create and print a Pro-Forma Invoice which does not generate any financial transactions.  i.e. it does not update the customer account in any way, nor does it affect stock levels.  Once approved/paid for, the Pro-Forma Invoice can be converted into a Tax invoice.

Delivery Note

Enables you to produce and print Delivery Notes for goods and services supplied where proof of delivery is required prior to the raising of an invoice.  Delivery Notes are used in conjunction with the Customer Sales Orders and Customer Invoicing Modules.  Delivery Notes can be created from a Customer Sales Order and accompany stock being delivered or collected by a Customer.  If the Stock Options have been set to update stock via Delivery Notes, the stock levels will be adjusted upon the processing of the Delivery Note.

Customer Invoice

Is a document listing goods or services supplied to a customer displaying respective prices, discounts and VAT analysis.  Creating a Customer Invoice updates the Customer Account, showing the amount as money-owing.  If the Stock Module is being used, then creating invoices will reduce your stock levels if you have chosen for stock to be updated at time of invoicing in the Stock Options.  Customer Invoices can be created from new or they can be the result of converting a Sales Order or Customer Delivery Note or Pro-Forma Invoice.

Credit Notes

Are documents which are created to reduce the amount of money that a customer owes you for example when the customer returns invoiced goods to your company and is given credit for the value of the returned stock items.  Credit Notes can be created from an existing invoice or created as a new document.  The system will then adjust the customer’s account and restore any stock items back into stock.

Allow you to create templates for the most common formats of your customer documents.  You can then create any customer document from a template.  For businesses that mostly invoice out similar types of invoices, templates can cut much of the time spent re-entering information, necessitating only the manipulation of the Customer Name.

Customer Reports

Included with Omni Accounts are a selection of Customer Reports including:

Print Customer Statements

Allows you to print your Customer Statements. A statement lists all the transactions per customer with each customer shown on a separate page. You can choose whether to print statements for all customers, just one customer or a selection using various grouping fields.

Ledger Analysis

This is a list of all your customer ledger transactions in a user definable period.  This report is useful for balancing to your debtors control account and is a quick overview of your customers’ ledger.

Age Analysis

This report prints a current list of customer accounts together with their outstanding amounts, split into 30; 60; 90 and 120 days.

Sales Reports

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Omni Modules

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  • Multiple Users

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    Multiple Users
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    Omni Accounts is shipped inclusive of a single user. Should you require the ability to have more than one user accessing Omni Accounts at any one time, you will need to purchase Additional Users.
  • Banking

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    13 switches

    Omni's Banking Module is fully integrated with the Nominal (General) Ledger, Customers, Suppliers and optionally supports Foreign Currency Bank accounts.
  • Customers

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    54 switches

    Omni Accounts provides for the capturing of customer-relevant data within the Customer Master File, situated within the Debtor Module...
  • General

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    In addition to boasting a number of incredibly powerful, specialised features, Omni Accounts boasts more generally expected features such as a fully customisable...
  • Job Costing

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    Job Costing
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    Omni Accounts Job Costing Module allows you to create Jobs and post costs from Supplier Documents, Stock Issues, Banking and Nominal Ledger. Jobs can be invoiced based on what was quoted...
  • Nominal Ledger

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    Nominal Ledger
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    All Omni Accounts Products include a full Nominal Ledger. This can be used as a standalone function or run concurrently with your Customer, Supplier and Banking Modules...
  • Stock Control

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    Stock Control
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    Omni accounts Inventory Control Module allows you to capture stock items, their descriptions and their selling prices. It will allow you to track levels and can be linked...
  • Suppliers

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    Omni Accounts provides for the capturing of supplier-relevant data within the Supplier Master Files, situated within the Creditor Module of Omni Accounts. Within the Creditor Module...

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  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton
  • Omni Accounts is one well-made South African product. Succinct, yet so comprehensive. The software itself answers some of the somewhat confusing questions I posed in class in Johannesburg.

    Tsimi Thulo MBT Accounting Services (Bloemfontein)
  • I wish to take this opportunity of informing the manager/supervisor of the excellent service I received. If assistance is going to be the way of my experience, then I have made up my mind to be purchasing this package.

    Tata Guys Supplier of high quality truck parts (Capetown)
  • You know I don't just like the Omni Accounting Software, I like everything about you guys. All of you need to get accolades. From Reception, Support right through to Accounts! Quick and real professional service. I wish that all suppliers could have been like you guys.

    J.P. Marais GC-Tech
  • I just have to mention what a pleasure it is to work with all of you at Omni.  I have been in the industry for a long time and even when we were the sole distributors for NewAge in KZN, we did not have this kind of relationship with the principals.

    Leon Pelser MBA Business Systems
  • I must say that Omni has been the best accounts package I have seen on the market - it has given us flawless results over the years.

    Clinton Armitage Armitage Computers
  • Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. It has been a privilege!

    Graham Strydom M Strydom & Company
  • Omni Accounts, never ceases to amaze me. The fantastic support is also something worthy of note.

    Malcolm Williamson Zambezi VTC. 2
  • I've been recommending Omni accounting to my friends but now i feel like wearing your T-shirt everywhere! Thank you very much again you have made my day to day.

    Andile Sompondo Ace's Gas. 2
  • I really appreciate the IT support I've received from Omni now and in the past. Omni is head and shoulders above any other company that I've dealt with.

    Grace Catao Elhanja Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • You guys are a credit to the industry.

    Alan TurnerWight Light Marketing Ltd (UK)
  • WOW !!!!! Omni Accounting package what a pleasure to use this package not only is it easy to use but the support team actually supports. I have no accounting knowledge, and I have wasted money on purchasing other packages, yet with Omni Accounts it was 1 - install 2 - activate 3 - setup your company to your own preference and 4 - there you go!

    Cheryl VosDice Pizza Krugersdorp
  • I had no previous experience in working with an accounting package but found Omni very easy to use. And It is so uplifting to see that there are still businesses that do care about their clients.

    Alex WaltersLexwal Management Services
  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton


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