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Stock Control Overview

The Stock Master File is the place where all the details relating to a particular stock item are stored.  The Stock Master File is divided into a number of Tabs, the first providing for the capturing of details such as the Stock Code, Stock Description, and Stock Bar Code.  It also provides for the capturing of Stock Dimensions and Weights – this links through to the Vehicle Loading and Distributions Module.

Omni Accounts provides for Alpha-Numeric Stock Codes of up to 25 characters in length, well suited to large industry where there is a requirement for longer-than-usual stock codes.

The next Tab lists the five extra Stock Details Fields; they are five fully user-definable fields which can be used to hold extra information about the stock item.  The fields can accommodate up to 30 Alpha-Numeric Characters and can be used to create meaningful reports at a later stage.

Stock Control Master Files

Multiple levels to Stock Categories and Sub-Categories

Should then need arise in your business to either group or categorise your stock items, Omni Accounts provides for unlimited Product Groups, Stock Categories and combinations thereof.  Product Groups allow you have logical groupings of your Stock Items as does Stock Categories w.r.t. Categories.  Meaningful reports can then be extracted, based on these Product Groups and Stock Categories at a later stage.  Further to this, stock Categories can be used to define discounts, markups and selling prices within Customer Deals.

The Omni Accounts Stock Master File provides for the configuration of the required VAT Codes, Units of Measure as well as the quantity of the product being sold as one unit.  It also provides for the setting of the desired Stock Valuation Methods, either as an over-arching Stock Valuation Method or per individual Line Items.  These methods include Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average (Moving Average limited to the current Financial Year), and Latest Cost.

Multiple Stock Selling Prices

As a standard, Omni Accounts Inventory Control Module provides for the capturing of up to 3 stock selling prices per stock item.  These three selling prices can be linked to your customers’ and suppliers’ categories through a Stock price Index.

These selling prices can be captured as whole Rand values, in which case they remain static regardless of whether there is a change in the cost price concerned.  Alternately, they can be set to adjust by a specific percentage mark-up, by invoking the ‘Auto Selling Price Mark-up’ option, in which case they will automatically adjust according to movements in the cost price concerned.

Where your business requires the ability to configure more than three stock selling prices or you require the ability to configure special deals with certain of your clients or certain customer/stock categories, Omni Accounts Inventory Control Customer Deals will provide you with the functionality you require.  Customer Deals enables you to set up a time limited/open ended deal, based on Customer/Customer Category/Customer Region/Stock Item/Stock Category and/or a specific minimum order quantity.  This effectively translates into the ability to cater for unlimited stock selling prices, should that be required.

Each selling price can be linked to a particular Customer Category determined on the Customer Master File via a Customer Stock Price Index.

In the event that you require more than three selling prices, Omni Accounts boasts a comprehensive Customer Price Matrix (Customer Deals) which allows you to create theoretically unlimited numbers of prices per customer; Stock Items; Stock Category; Regions; Branch; Governed by a Particular Date Range; set a required minimum quantity etc.  You can also set the deal to be calculated on a markup or discount percentage.

Stock Serial and Batch Number Tracking

Omni Accounts Inventory Control Module provides for comprehensive Stock serial and Batch Number Tracking on all stock items entering and exiting your business as well as those forming part of the manufacturing process.

Omni Accounts will require every issue or receipt for these stock items to specify serial and/or batch numbers.  Omni’s advanced search functions allow for full tracking of the serial and/or batch number according to invoice, so should there be a case where one of your suppliers recalls a specific batch for example, establishing which of your customers purchased the items concerned is a simple process of running a serial-number search by invoice, enabling you to recall the item accordingly.  Batch Numbers will also give you the ability to configure a Shelf Life and Warranty Period if required.

Stock Pop-Up Memo and Stock Images

Each Omni Accounts Inventory Control Master File boasts a free-format memo field, with the option to set this to automatically pop-up.  Stock Images can also be saved to the Master File, minimising the chance for confusion, should there be similar stock items in your inventory.

Omni Accounts Inventory Control Module provides for Multiple Stock Warehouses and is the ideal solution for those businesses with geographically separate physical stock warehouses or for those businesses with multiple virtual warehouses, where stock is held in different areas, dependent on its state, e.g. Raw Material vs. Finished Item.

In the event that you are making use of Multiple Company Branches, it will be possible to define branches to which a warehouse can be added.

Multiple Stock Warehouses goes so far as to enable you to set individual default Stock on Hand, Revenue Accounts and Purchases accounts per stock warehouse.  In the event that inter-company transfers are being used, you will be able to nominate a Nominal Ledger variance account which will be used to post the difference in cost prices when transferring stock.

Omni Accounts will also enable you to set differing Cost Prices per Warehouse.

In the event that you wish to move a stock item between warehouses, you will be able to make use of Omni Accounts Inter-warehouse Documentation System which produces requisition and transfer documents to fully control the movement of stock between warehouses.  You are also able to print reports to show movements and optionally control cost prices between warehouses as well.  In the event that stock is transferred to the incorrect warehouse, you can make use of Omni accounts Warehouse Transfer Reversal which will also ensure that the Nominal Ledger transactions are correctly reversed as well.

One of Omni Accounts many standard features is its ability to store unlimited transaction history.  This offers great advantages in terms of stock control in that through the Stock Master File, you will be able to interrogate any historical records relating to the Stock Item for however long you have been processing on Omni Accounts.

In addition, Omni Accounts is sold inclusive of an array of stock-related reports, including Stock Valuation Reports, Stock Listings, Stock Levels and Availability, Stock Re-Order Reports, Stock Audit Trails, Stock Decanting Reports, Stock Recipe Reports, Inter-Warehouse Requisition Analysis Reports, Warehouse Transfer Analysis and Warehouse Transfer Reversal Analysis.

Omni Accounts Stock Control Module also enables you to create links between a stock item and the suppliers of that item.  These links, referred to as Supplier Cross References are a method which enables you to setup a relationship between the stock item codes used in your Omni accounts company and the stock codes used by the suppliers that supply your company.  These relationships enable you to process supplier documents, where instead of having to enter the Omni Accounts Stock Code you can use the Supplier’s Stock Code which is often on the documents you receive from your supplier.  In conjunction with Supplier Cross References you can then also use Supplier Price Lists to hold various prices of items from suppliers.

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  • Multiple Users

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    Multiple Users
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    Omni Accounts is shipped inclusive of a single user. Should you require the ability to have more than one user accessing Omni Accounts at any one time, you will need to purchase Additional Users.
  • Banking

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    Omni's Banking Module is fully integrated with the Nominal (General) Ledger, Customers, Suppliers and optionally supports Foreign Currency Bank accounts.
  • Customers

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    Omni Accounts provides for the capturing of customer-relevant data within the Customer Master File, situated within the Debtor Module...
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    In addition to boasting a number of incredibly powerful, specialised features, Omni Accounts boasts more generally expected features such as a fully customisable...
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    Omni Accounts Job Costing Module allows you to create Jobs and post costs from Supplier Documents, Stock Issues, Banking and Nominal Ledger. Jobs can be invoiced based on what was quoted...
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    Nominal Ledger
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    All Omni Accounts Products include a full Nominal Ledger. This can be used as a standalone function or run concurrently with your Customer, Supplier and Banking Modules...
  • Stock Control

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    Stock Control
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    Omni accounts Inventory Control Module allows you to capture stock items, their descriptions and their selling prices. It will allow you to track levels and can be linked...
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    Omni Accounts provides for the capturing of supplier-relevant data within the Supplier Master Files, situated within the Creditor Module of Omni Accounts. Within the Creditor Module...

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  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton
  • Omni Accounts is one well-made South African product. Succinct, yet so comprehensive. The software itself answers some of the somewhat confusing questions I posed in class in Johannesburg.

    Tsimi Thulo MBT Accounting Services (Bloemfontein)
  • I wish to take this opportunity of informing the manager/supervisor of the excellent service I received. If assistance is going to be the way of my experience, then I have made up my mind to be purchasing this package.

    Tata Guys Supplier of high quality truck parts (Capetown)
  • You know I don't just like the Omni Accounting Software, I like everything about you guys. All of you need to get accolades. From Reception, Support right through to Accounts! Quick and real professional service. I wish that all suppliers could have been like you guys.

    J.P. Marais GC-Tech
  • I just have to mention what a pleasure it is to work with all of you at Omni.  I have been in the industry for a long time and even when we were the sole distributors for NewAge in KZN, we did not have this kind of relationship with the principals.

    Leon Pelser MBA Business Systems
  • I must say that Omni has been the best accounts package I have seen on the market - it has given us flawless results over the years.

    Clinton Armitage Armitage Computers
  • Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. It has been a privilege!

    Graham Strydom M Strydom & Company
  • Omni Accounts, never ceases to amaze me. The fantastic support is also something worthy of note.

    Malcolm Williamson Zambezi VTC. 2
  • I've been recommending Omni accounting to my friends but now i feel like wearing your T-shirt everywhere! Thank you very much again you have made my day to day.

    Andile Sompondo Ace's Gas. 2
  • I really appreciate the IT support I've received from Omni now and in the past. Omni is head and shoulders above any other company that I've dealt with.

    Grace Catao Elhanja Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • You guys are a credit to the industry.

    Alan TurnerWight Light Marketing Ltd (UK)
  • WOW !!!!! Omni Accounting package what a pleasure to use this package not only is it easy to use but the support team actually supports. I have no accounting knowledge, and I have wasted money on purchasing other packages, yet with Omni Accounts it was 1 - install 2 - activate 3 - setup your company to your own preference and 4 - there you go!

    Cheryl VosDice Pizza Krugersdorp
  • I had no previous experience in working with an accounting package but found Omni very easy to use. And It is so uplifting to see that there are still businesses that do care about their clients.

    Alex WaltersLexwal Management Services
  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton


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