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Omni Accounts Help and Support


Omni Accounts Help and Support

Omni Accounts Help and Support


In a day and age where technology affects every aspect of the way companies do business and how people interact with each other, the common lament is that of a lack of person to person communications and of going around in circles trying to obtain assistance or information.

The idea of a Call Centre strikes horror in many peoples’ hearts with stories of people are being left on hold for hours while they wait for technical assistance, being transferred from one department to another, charged astronomical rates for basic services, and encountering highly impersonal, ‘cut-and-paste’ responses which don’t really address the concern raised.

At Omni Accounts, we see and hear this feedback on a daily basis as more and more customers turn to us for a solution, and we are constantly striving to be the breath of fresh air that people are so desperately looking for. We are grateful to our +37,000 strong user base who have put their trust in our software and team. We believe that this is reflected in the commitment that we have to ensure that our highly trained and skilled Support Team provides world-class assistance to our customers.

What Makes our Support Centre Different?

We believe our cutting edge Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is both intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal support. However, we do realise that all businesses are unique and that there will always be a need for comprehensive and professional support. We also believe that often nothing replaces the personal touch that only interact with real, live people will bring. After all, not everyone is tech-savvy or that sometimes the query simply cannot be answered by Help Files or FAQ’s.

Omni Accounts is proud to have a fantastic, committed Support Team who not only have in-depth knowledge and experience with Omni Accounts & ERP software but also have experience in dealing with a wide range of business types and how to configure the software accordingly. The Support Team also have IT-related skills, as well as accounting knowledge, and all of this, is a unique combination.

Support is given via email or telephone. There is also the option of remote support where the Support Consultant can log into the customer’s computer and help as if they are sitting right next to the customer. Our Support Team are viewed as an essential core part of the company and are highly skilled and remunerated accordingly.  We, therefore, have different support options for customers to choose from, depending on their requirements.

Customer Database

Omni Accounts makes sure that their Support Team are always ‘on the ball’.  Once our customers have purchased and registered their software, they will receive a unique customer ID number, much like an account number. All the customer details are stored in a central database. This number is requested when the Support Team are contacted. The Support Consultant can also search for the information using other information such as the company name or email address, but using the Customer ID makes the process much faster. Each time the customer contacts the Support Team, an Incident Number is given to the query, and all communications, written or verbal are logged against the Incident. This means that the Support Consultant has access to all current and historical conversations and queries. This results in the Support Consultant not only being able to assist with the query but also notice any recurring patterns within the customer’s company. It also allows for any member of Support Team our team to assist with the matter on hand as everybody has access to the same information on the account, largely negating the need to give the rundown to a new person as each Support Consultant has immediate access to all of the relevant information.

Escalation Policy

From time to time, one of our Omni Support Consultants will encounter ‘unchartered waters’. In this situation the Incident is escalated to the management team, who then assist to tackle the problem on hand with perseverance and enthusiasm, ensuring that the outcome and solution are conveyed to the customer in an intelligible and timeous fashion. In short, the Omni Accounts Support Team are constantly sharpening their skill sets and growing their knowledge bases and then sharing new-found information with the rest of the team so that everybody is brought up to speed, upskilled and ready for the next interesting encounter.

Product Testing

Our Support Team are also involved in testing the software before each new release, usually once a year.  This means that they really know the product inside out. We have found that the combination of software testing, real-life scenarios, and frequent in-house training of the Omni Accounts team makes our Support Consultants well rounded in their knowledge and multi-skilled.

The Personal Touch

In today’s highly competitive business environment we firmly believe that now more than ever, it is vital that we maintain the healthy and good relationships that we have built up over the years with our valued customer base. We continually emphasize that our customers must be treated with respect and friendliness. We are extremely proud of our product but we also strive to be seen as a company with a heart and passion for customer satisfaction and we try to ensure that this is reflected by every member of our organisation.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh