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Omni Premium Bundle

Omni Premium Bundle

Omni Premium Bundle

Omni Accounts is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Accounting software package, uniquely designed to meet the needs of various sizes and types of businesses, offering solutions from R 15 000.00 to well over R 500 000.00. This functionality is all contained within the same software package. It is just a case of switching on the functionality you require which is achieved by purchasing a new unlock (serial) number. Users are also able to test or try out most of the switches for a period of 28 days before buying. This is Omni Accounts’ unique approach which offers users a genuinely seamless growth path.

The Omni Accounts Premium Bundle is the top end of the seven bundles Omni Accounts offers. A bundle can be best described as a balanced selection of switches (modules and features). Omni Premium has been configured to meet the requirements of well-established businesses which requires complex Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality.

Who should consider Omni Premium for their ERP and Accounting Solution?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you should be looking at the Omni Premium Bundle.

  • Do you need more than straight forward accounting functionality such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, customer/supplier documents and statements and ageing reports, and banking management?
  • Are you juggling with spreadsheets trying to get the information you need to run your business?
  • Are you running multiple software packages in order to control all the aspects of your business?

Why should you consider Omni Premium?

Omni Premium offers much more functionality than straight forward accounting solutions. The emphasis in Omni Premium is to explode your business analysis, reporting on the efficiency of your business at the “nuts and bolts” level.

What do we mean by measuring efficiency at the “nuts and bolts” level?

Herewith some examples:

In today’s competitive world, it is often no longer good enough to just measure sales (turnover). Typically a business needs to know who is buying what from you, at what price and what margins, from which reps, and under which manager the respective reps fall. Likewise regarding stock (inventory) management. The cost of stock holding is enormous! But the cost of lost sales due to “out of stock” situations is just as, if not more damaging to a business. So managing optimum stock levels is often like walking on a tight rope. Monitoring stock movement, ensuring a business has sufficient stock on hand without being overstocked, requires careful analysis.

The Omni Accounts Premium Bundle with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality enables a business to address scenarios as outlined above and more. Omni Premium comes standard with advanced report writing and multiple extra user-defined fields throughout, thus enabling an Omni user to maximise on analysis and controls.

What are the advantages of multiple extra user-defined fields? In customers, for example, many accounting software packages, offer fields such as rep code, area, credit terms, and even customer category, but what if this is not enough? How would a user cope if they require more, such as “province” as well as area? Or if they have an area manager who manages several reps? Or if they require customer sub-categories, for example, retailers might need to be sub-categorised into small, medium, or large retailers.

Similarly, with stock, some stock modules of other accounting software packages will typically offer several prices and product categories, etc. But what happens if you require subcategories and sub-sub-categories? Or multiple valuation methods, as in average or last cost? Or complex selling price lists?  Etc.

What does Omni Premium offer?

Listed below is a summary of the main features but by no means all of them.

  • Master records, as well as transactions, come standard with multiple fixed fields as well as multiple user-defined fields which explode exponentially Omni Premium’s data analysis capability.
  • A powerful Report Writer which provides comprehensive standard reports which can be very easily manipulated in terms of fields, sorting, grouping, etc. Additionally, an option to produce Pivot style reports with graphs is available. If more complex reports are needed then fully customisable reports can be produced which can be configured by the user or with the help of the Omni Accounts Support Team.
  • Unlimited transaction history is kept, which means that it is possible to reproduce any historical report. Extracting historical reports such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, previous VAT Returns, bank reconciliations, statements, age analysis, stock on hand valuations, customer & supplier documents etc. is simple.
  • Processing in multiple periods is available and can be controlled with user permissions. This means that month ends and year ends are a complete non-issue because it is quick and easy to process arrears, corrective, or closing entries into a prior period whilst normal current processing continues uninterrupted.
  • Multiple Branches can be set up which allows control of branches in different locations.
  • The ability to import Customer documents, such as Sales Orders as well as the import of Purchase Orders is available. Master accounts can also be imported and exported. These features provide the ability to move data in and out of the database, which is necessary if you wish to integrate it into a website, for example.

Omni Premium bundle is the foundation for more Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality in switches such as:

Omni Premium, your gateway to a unique and exceptional ERP Accounting software solution.