July 2013



[Download 7.12.59 Upgrade]

Please note you will need a valid Upgrade Subscription and a 7.12 Upgrade Serial Number.

Please read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading.

 *** NB. Due to this version having a brand new reporting tool, if you are upgrading from a previous version, it is strongly advised that you upgrade your laptop/backup server first, and only upgrade your live system once you are happy that your custom layout reports and stationery have been fully converted ***


[Download 7.12.59 Install]

Please note, only use the install file if you are setting up a new server, or a new client. Running the install over an existing version will require a new registration, new unlock key, all your users and permissions will need to be redone, and companies re-attached. 

Need a different version? Please see our releases page.


What's New

This is highly summarised. Please see the Full Release Notes for a more detailed explanation.

Customer Quotes are now part of the Essential bundle.

*Can now specify a logical name for the 5 grid layouts.

Can now Recode customer and supplier accounts (recoding of Stock and Nominal Ledger codes was introduced in the previous release)

*Cash Payments tab on Supplier invoices.

*Can now optionally deliver purchase orders, or just invoice them straight away (which will automatically process a delivery and bring the goods into stock).

*Can now specify number of days history to pick up for transaction analysis drop downs

*Last Comm category can now be seen from the document enquiry screen. Helpful, for determining the documents "status".

*Can now see who last modified a sales order/quote/etc.

Can now allocate selected transactions – to each other. Eg. select a whole lot of debits AND credits, and press allocate.

*Selling Price 2 and 3 can be renamed.

Ability to flag a stock item as never being discountable on sales.

*Reserved cut-off date now available on stock re-order reports.

Can now stop a Stock Enquiry once it has started searching.

*Bins location code increased from 4 to 8 chars.

*There are now 3 more extra info fields on stock.

Ability to easily skip recurring batch entries (Banking, Nominal Ledger, Customer and Supplier Journal Batches).

INI settings now stored in the windows app data folder. Means you no longer have to have separate client installs on terminal services for each user.

*Calculated fields can now be added to the pivot grid – eg. ‘GP Percent’ can now be used on a sales analysis report viewed in data analysis.

Can now compare one field to another in the report writer’s filters. Eg. Available < Min Level .

In the report writer, can now drill down to source documents from "Output to Grid", if a suitable identifying field has been included in the report.

*Can now copy a job

*Recipe report now more easily accessible, and easier to use. Can also pull through and project on SP 2 or 3. Report can now be exported to excel.

Omni now opens faster.


Please see the Full Release Notes for details of all the changes.


** new switchable feature required to see this functionality
* an existing switch is involved

Plus loads more, including:

9 New Features
92 Bug Fixes
127 Enhancements


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