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This is highly summarised. Please see the Full Release Notes for a more detailed explanation.

New menu option, under Help: Get Latest Portfolio

Get an automated email sent to you, showing up to date pricing on upgrades and support, as well as when you current support or upgrade sub will expire.
Also shows you your current features, and how much an extra user will cost.

QRDesign and ReportPro have been replaced with FastReports.

- Less bugs, QRDesign has several issues that just weren’t getting resolved, such as alignment of Excel columns, weird ‘w’ spacing for Arial 8, DPI scaling, and many more. In order to move forward, we needed to change to a product that is still under active development.
- More powerful options:
o Custom dialog screens can be created
o Cross tabs (ie. Pivot table)
o Multiple design pages (eg. add a terms and conditions page easily to your quotes template)
o Graphs
o Endless height option. Useful for rolls of labels, and till slip printing.
o Parameters can be picked up from multiple datasets, and even variables, formulas and custom dialogs screens
o Can now drill down to view/edit various Omni records from a custom layout report. Eg. Edit stock item from price comparison check template when processing and previewing a supplier invoice.
- Because only one product is used now, setting up a new custom layout report is much easier. You no longer have to start from scratch. You now start with what the auto-layout uses, and work from there.
- You can now sort the main stationery detail datasets on multiple fields. Useful when you have more than one level of grouping on the template.
- SQL Builder: you can now use the report setup screen to build SQL statements.  Just select “View SQL” instead of previewing, or printing the report. This can then be copied and pasted into a custom dataset in the report writer, or stationery template.
- Easy access to report name, current user, report parameters, etc in the custom layout of the report writer.
There is an automatic convertor which converts the .QR3 files to .FR3. NB. Depending on the complexity of your report, you may need to make minor to major changes to get your report working as before. It is therefore highly advisable to upgrade your backup or laptop installation first, check your custom layout reports and stationery, and then only update your live system. More Info can be found in the upgrade instructions.

General report/stationery template clean-up

All reports and templates have been revised and had a good spring-cleaning. Fields and datasets have been renamed where necessary. The convertor will pick up the old names used in the QR3, and use the new names in the FR3.

New TDI interface

For each open windows, there is now a tab along the top. No more hunting for windows that are behind others. Also make it easier to work with maximised MDI client forms. Multiple screen can be close quickly by right-clicking on the tab.

User Roles

Can now be exported, copied to clipboard, and pasted back in, using a new Grid View tab on the User Role edit screen that has been created.
You can also compare one role to another using this new grid view. The old Tree View is still there as well. Also, when doing a multiple company backup in Control Centre, you can now simply tick <Control Database>, which contains your user role settings, to be backed up as well.


Can now link the logged on user to a rep, driver, and employee and a contact.

VAT Returns

Suggested Box number has been added to the detailed vat return report, making it easier to tie up the details to the VAT201.
If you have a value in box 18, you will now be advised what can be done with that value, and what needs to be checked.
There is now a new Notes memo field on the VAT return screen, so you can note any changes/anomalies when processing your vat return, and print/view them again later.
More restrictions added to prevent odd vat amounts being captured, eg. Non-zero vat values, where vat rate is zero.


Can now opt to have overall discounts subtracted from the revenue, instead of being posted to its own separate account.
Now only allows delivery of more than was ordered if person has permission to edit the order.
If you use Stock is updated at delivery for sales orders, you can now do a New Invoice (not from order), which WILL update stock.
Selling price changes colour, depending on where it has been picked up from. Makes it easier to spot if a different price has come into effect.
Recurring Invoices can now be set to recur every X Days, or X Weeks (and not just X Months)
When scanning bar codes, can now type 10* then scan, and when that item is added, it will have a quantity of 10.


Loading of a deal is now a lot faster.
Have now prevented deals already used on invoices from being deleted.

7 Day ageing

If a custom or supplier have been given 7 or 14 day credit terms, then their ageing on statement printout and Balances/Stats Tab will automatically change to 7 days (calculated from date of invoice), instead of 30 days (from date of statement) like it used to.

Customer Listing

Can now see Amount Due and Amount Overdue on this screen. Before you could only view the current balance.

Include invoices, when emailing statements

When sending statements, you can now choose to include all the supporting invoices. One mail will be sent with the statements, and all the relevant invoices as PDF attachments.


Follow up date now has a Follow up Time too.


Can now paste special into the split detail section of a banking transaction. Useful where you have a debit order that comes in as one figure, but needs to be split to hundreds of accounts.


Can now prevent people from posting invoices at 1:1 before the exchange rate has been set up for the month.

Job Costing

Can now change a customer on a job once allocations have been done. Selling Prices linked to the issues will be refreshed. Permission to alter selling prices is required.

Already logged on message

If your Omni crashes for some reason, for example a power cut, then the next time you log in, Omni will check if your Firebird Session is still active. If it isn’t, Omni will automatically tick “Log me out and carry on”, so there is no longer any user intervention required.

Too many users logged in

Now shows the Omni user name as well, in the list of current database connections.

Costs vs Sales

New Document Analysis report type that allows you to pull data from both SL and PL docs together


Can now back up the control database, and reports/stationery files all from one screen (ie. the multi company backup screen)

Data Upgrade

Upgrading large databases is now faster. You might not notice a big difference after the first upgrade, but subsequent ones after that will no longer drop and recreate each and every index in the whole database.
*=switch required that isn’t standard in entry level Trader bundle

New Features: 12
Enhancements: 108
Bug Fixes: 68


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