September 2015


What's New

This is highly summarised. Please see the Full Release Notes for a more detailed explanation.

*Branch login

Can now log on to a particular branch will then restrict access to invoicing, orders, and optionally customers. On stock, restricted users can view levels, but not costs for other branches warehouses.

*New Bundle: Business Pro

New intermediate “Business Pro” bundle, to bridge the gap between Business and Enterprise.
Has all the features of “Business”, plus Purchase Orders, Stock Categories, Markups, Selling Price Update Batches, Extra Customer Info, Customer Credit Control, Customer Collections report, and Sales Analysis.


*Request for credit (uses negative supplier delivery notes)
Unprocessed transactions (Unprocessed payments, purchase orders and outstanding supplier delivery notes) now on supplier statement tab of supplier edit screen (like the customer edit screen has)
Can now put supplier invoices on hold.
Can now process payments for selected suppliers (less invoices on hold), and then print remittance, or export payment transactions.
Payments made from the supplier statement tab will now be automatically allocated to the invoices selected.


*The Batched Banking Transactions switch now includes the ability to import your bank statements.
Locate button on customer and supplier allocations, to locate the same amount, or the same reference number. Will cycle through all the matches if pressed more than once.


You will no longer see a locking message if the person who crashed out with a screen open, is no longer logged in.
Longer batch names (from 30 to 60 characters)

Office 365 and 64 bit Outlook are now supported (although 32 bit outlook is still recommended over 64 bit)

*Balance sheet in any currency

Periods can now be closed off by changing the Open Period Range (in older versions, the entire year had to be flagged as closed)
Closing off also generates summary tables, which in turn speeds up the stock and nominal ledger, without any loss of detail (nothing is deleted, just summarised).

More countries added, which makes the installation process easier, as VAT rates, etc. are correct for your country. Non South African or UK countries will use a generic VAT return.

Improvements to interface

Calculator edit box buttons bigger (making touch screen use easier)

Scan friendly mode for lookups – useful for scanning stock bar codes where before you only had a lookup, and also for scanning customer loyalty cards.

… button on view all grids so you don’t have to right-click to access all the extra options. Nicer for touch screens, and also simply for making the user ware that there are all those extra options available to them, that they might not have been aware of.

Grids now also have a multi-select button on the toolbar, so you no longer need to hold the Ctrl key down on your keyboard to select multiple lines.

Can now drag from anywhere on the Omni Insight menu to add a shortcut to the Side Bar.

For changes to Job Cost and Reporting, please see the Full Release Notes.

*=switch required that isn’t standard in entry level Trader bundle

New Features: 12
Enhancements: 108
Bug Fixes: 68


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