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Correcting Transactions

1. How do I correct a processed transaction?

  • Once a transaction has been processed, you will not be able to edit it, or delete it. To make corrections, you will need to reverse the transaction, and then re-post it.
  • To do this, right-click on the problematic transaction, and look for an option to Credit the Invoice, or Reverse the Banking Transaction.
  • Once credited/reversed, right-click on the transaction again, and look for a repeat/copy option. Enter the corrected details, and process the new transaction.

2. Why can't I edit or delete a processed transaction?

  • A processed transaction has financial implication. Also, a transaction from a subsidiary ledger, has server posting to other ledgers. For example, an invoice posts to the sales audit trail, the nominal ledger aufit trail, and the vat return audit trail. Modifying just one of these transaction on their own, will create an imbalance, with no record of what happened. In addition, it is illegal to change any details of an invoice issued, keeping the invoice reference number the same.

3. Why can't I edit my unprocessed banking transaction?

  • It has probably been reconciled. Once an unprocessed transaction has been reconciled, that indicates that the information on the transaction was correct.
  • If the reconciled unprocessed banking transaction needs to be corrected, you will need to make note of the date is was reconciled. Then, go into the bank recon and enter that same date. Find the transaction. Unreconciled it. Edit it. Save, and redo the bank recon.

4. Can't I just delete all my transaction and start over?

  • Yes, you can!
  • To clear out all your transactions, yet leave your accounts intact, log on to the Omni Control Centre, and go to Company | Clear out Company Data.

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