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1. Where can I get help getting started with Omni Accounts?

  • The F1 key. Pressing your F1 function key will open up Omni’s context sensitive help.
  • Daily processing. This PDF will assist you in understanding how to do some common Daily Processing tasks in Omni Accounts: Daily Processing
  • Training courses. Regular training courses are also available in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Full details on course dates and contents are available on our website Our Introduction to Omni Accounts costs R275.00 for a three hour course.
  • One-on-one training with an Independent Omni Consultant. If you require someone to come out to you, we can refer you to an Independent Omni Consultant. To have someone assigned to you, please visit contact us, choose the option to â“be referred to a consultantâ” and enter a brief description of your needs. please bear in mind they are independent of us, and all have their own rates.
  • Getting Started Guide if you purchased a boxed product, please refer to the Getting Started booklet within. If you purchased via a download, you may access this same booklet via this link: Getting Started

2. How can I add my logo and banking details to my invoices?

  • Go to Tools | Options | Edit Company Setup.
  • Click on the Edit button next to "Main Branch".
  • Go to the Printing Tab. Here, you can pick a default bank account, and add the company's logo.
  • Make sure you print using an invoice template that prints the company logo, for example "Block Style".

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