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PLU: SF186

Enables you to display data using any of the Omni Standard reports in a Columnar/Pivot Table type format.

This switch allows you to output an Omni report where the data in the report is displayed in Pivot table grid format.

Grouped fields will become columns. Fields containing alphanumeric data ( i.e. data that cannot be totalled) will become rows. Fields containing numeric data which can be totalled will become data.

Once the grid is open you can further manipulate your data. Fields can be moved between data, rows and columns by dragging and dropping their headers. The position of fields within the various sections can also be changed. 

At the bottom section, you will be able to see the summary, drill down and graphical representation of the summary.

The graphs show your summarized data one level at a time. Double-click on an area of the graph to drill down to a graph showing the next levels detail. Graphs can be customized to a certain extent using the customize button. The grid can be exported to Excel, but due to the interactive nature on this screen, you will probably want to do your all data analysis here on this screen. Once you print, or export to XL, you lose the power of the analysis Pivot type grid.

R 685.00
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