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Customer Deals*


PLU: SF106

Create a deal or special price/discount/markup per customer per stock item. Deals can also be created for a specific time period as well as specific stock categories, customer categories, branches and region.

The Customer Deals allows for special prices or discounts for individual stock items, or a group of stock items, to be created per customer. Prices can also optionally be defined for specific date periods. The price can also defined as a markup percentage on the stock cost price.

Additionally Deals can be created at Customer Branch level. This gives the ability to define specific prices for a particular branch or delivery address. Deals may also be created for specific Customer Categories and/or Customer Regions. Deals prices can also be created for Stock Categories, rather than individual stock items.

If a Stock category is used, then only a discount or a markup can be entered. If a deal price exists for a Stock Category and also for a specific Stock Item, then the deal price for the specific stock item will override the deal price for the Stock Category.

Detailed below are some examples of special prices/deals that can be created:

  • For a particular customer for a particular stock item.
  • For a particular customer for all stock items in a particular stock category.
  • For a customer for any region, for any branch for a stock item.
  • For a customer, for a region for any branch in that region for a stock item.
  • For a customer, for a region, for a specific branch for a stock item.
  • For all customers in a specific customer category for a stock item.
  • For all customers for a stock item in a specific warehouse.  

This Switch is subject to an Annual licence fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

R 1,265.00
Info! This switch is dependant on other switches! A dependant switch needs other switches to operate within Omni. Please see the list below.
Switch Dependencies
Switch Name Price (ZAR)
SF106Customer Deals* R 1265.00
SF024 Stock Control R 685.00
R 1950.00
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