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PLU: SF185

Enables you to import master file data, such as Customer, Contacts, Suppliers, Stock and Nominal Ledger accounts. The import file format can be CSV, Fixed Length Text and also a Copy & Paste function. You can also use this switch to update existing data.

This switch enables you to import account files from other packages, from Excel or from other Omni Companies. Omni imports data from CSV or fixed ASCII files as well as a Copy & Paste function. This gives great flexibility with regard to what data may be imported.

Omni comes with preset templates for various popular accounting packages, together with instructions on how to go about exporting data from these packages in order to import into Omni. If you have data which can be exported into CSV, ASCII or spreadsheet files, then you will be able to import this data into Omni by creating your own templates.

The function will also allow for existing data to be updated via an import.


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Complementary Switches

  • Export Data from Grids

    Export data into Excel. Modify it and then use the import function to re-import and make the changes or additions.


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