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Multiple Branches per Customer*


PLU: SF104

Create branches for a customer account. These can be used as delivery addresses or optionally, as sub customer accounts, which consolidate to the main Head-Office Account.

This switch allows the creation of branches for each individual customer account. At its simplest implementation it facilitates multiple delivery addresses for each customer account.

It can however also be used to control a situation where a customer has a ’head office’ account, with multiple branches. The individual branches can be invoiced, and a consolidated statement can be produced for the ’Head Office’ account.

Branches are set up by first creating the main ’Head Office’ customer account. Then from the Branch tab, further customer accounts (branches) that have the same account number, but a unique branch code can be created. Customer Documents (invoices etc) can be processed against these branch accounts.

Printing a statement for the ’Head Office’ account will automatically print the all the transactions for all the branch accounts but statements can also be printed for individual branches. Editing the ’Head Office’ account, will display all transactions for all the branches.

Payments may only be processed against the ’Head Office’ account. Allocating and unallocating transactions cannot be done at branch level, but have to be done against the ’Head Office’ account.

This Switch is subject to an Annual licence fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

R 685.00
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