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Purchase Analysis Report


PLU: SF134

This report will provide you with the tools to print a list of your purchases from Suppliers for a user-defined period.


  • Powerful grouping functionality - group by various fields such as Supplier, Stock Item, Transaction Analysis field, Supplier Area and more.
  • Report Parameters/Filters may be set on the report itself.
    For example, you may select to print all of your purchases or alternatively, purchases of an individual stock item or category using your settings options e.g. all nonfiction books purchased in this period.
  • The report may be viewed and saved in a variety of formats.

R 455.00
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Complementary Switches

Setup Reports

Allows you to manipulate the standard Omni Accounts Reports by adding fields, removing and changing the order of the columns or grouping by fields on the reports, setting parameters and applying filters to the report.

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Supplier Category

Setup user-definable Supplier Categories and then expand reporting capabilities by reporting on purchases by Supplier Category.

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Supplier Transaction Analysis

Setup four additional user-defined fields which can be applied to each Supplier Document and extract even more powerful reports.

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