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PLU: SF126

Capture orders placed with your suppliers and then convert them into invoices. This will marks stock as being on order this allowing for better inventory control using Omni's reporting functions. Actual prices charged against prices quoted at time of order can also be monitored.

This switch enables Purchase Order functionality. A Purchase Order is a document you create and send to a Supplier to formally confirm that you wish to orders goods and/or services.

A Purchase Order can then be used to generate Supplier Delivery Notes or Supplier Invoices. Creating Purchase Orders will update the value in the ’on order’ column in the stock level screen but will not adjust your supplier’s account.

To prevent overlooked orders it is advisable to print or view the outstanding order report at the start of the day.

You can invoice multiple Purchase Orders on one Supplier Invoice. 

You can optionally allocate Purchase Orders line items to Jobs. Purchase orders can be created specifically for Jobs.

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Complementary Switches

  • Email Supplier Documents

    Email your Purchase Orders to your suppliers.

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