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Recurring Decanting Batches*


PLU: SF057

Stock Decanting (manufacturing) Batches (SF054) switch is required before you can use this switch (Recurring Decanting Batches SF057).

Recurring Decanting Batch switch allows you to “mark” a Stock Decanting (manufacturing) Batch as Recurring and use it as a template in the future repeatedly.

Stock Decanting (manufacturing) Batch can therefore be used as a “template” for repeat manufacturing/decanting activities. Not only may process this batch multiple times, but you can also edit the batch, typically the quantity of source items and/or the final yield before processing it.

Recurring Decanting batches is aimed at saving you the hassle of creating new batches from scratch all the time, when it is faster and often more accurate to take a common template and editing by exception before processing the batch, thus making your Omni ERP software applications so much more efficient.

This Switch is subject to an Annual licence fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

R 355.00
Info! This switch is dependant on other switches! A dependant switch needs other switches to operate within Omni. Please see the list below.
Switch Dependencies
Switch Name Price (ZAR)
SF057Recurring Decanting Batches* R 355.00
SF024 Stock Control R 685.00
SF054 Stock Decanting Batches* R 1265.00
R 2305.00
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