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PLU: SF058

Making use of bar codes to better manage your stock/inventory can, in many instances, enhance the efficiency of your ERP software solution.

Once you have entered (captured) bar codes on each stock item, you can use the bar code to scan stock items in or out to make for faster more accurate processing. Omni uses USB or keyboard wedge type scanners.


  • Quicker processing - the bar code can used when adding stock line items onto Customer Documents and Supplier Documents such as customer or supplier invoices or orders.
  • Using bar codes in a POS environment is particularly common.
  • Print the bar code on your Purchase Orders (as plain text, or even a scanable bar code) to help your supplier correctly identify the item you have requested, thereby minimising the chance of errors.
  • Print your own stock price labels with bar codes. (Note: although not essential, a proper bar code printer is recommended).
  • You can scan in or type the bar code and an enquiry in any screen that has stock search capabilities, for easy and accurate stock location.
  • Use a programmable bar code scanner (which produces a CSV file) for quick and accurate stock takes, and import the stock counts into an Omni stock take batch.
  • Scan the bar code into any field that accepts keyboard input. For example, when searching for a bar code in the stock enquiry, you can either type the bar code in manually, or if you have the label handy, simply scan the bar code into the search text field.

R 455.00
Info! This switch is dependant on other switches! A dependant switch needs other switches to operate within Omni. Please see the list below.
Switch Dependencies
Switch Name Price (ZAR)
SF058Stock Bar Codes R 455.00
SF024 Stock Control R 685.00
R 1140.00
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