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Stock Decanting Batches*


PLU: SF054

A basic way to process (manufacture) Production Batches. Issue from one or more stock items and receipt into one or more stock items.

This switch allows you to create batches comprising of source and target stock items.


  • Stock items and quantities may be added to either the source or target sections.
  • Having added the target item which contains a BOM (recipe), use the easy right-click functionality to add the recipe items to the source list.
  • Batches can be prepared and saved to be processed at a later date.
  • A date can be added to the batch, which can be used when printing stock reports, to plan actual production batches.
  • A decanting batch can be linked to a specific Sales Order, Warehouse Requisition or Job.
  • Stock in a Stock Decanting Batch will reflect as either Reserved (in the source section) or On Order (in the target section).

This Switch is subject to an Annual license fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

R 1,265.00
Info! This switch is dependant on other switches! A dependant switch needs other switches to operate within Omni. Please see the list below.
Switch Dependencies
Switch Name Price (ZAR)
SF054Stock Decanting Batches* R 1265.00
SF024 Stock Control R 685.00
R 1950.00
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