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PLU: SF040

Enhance your ERP software solution by implementing Tracking of selected stock items down to batch and/or serial number level. Once selected, tracking can be applied to specific stock items. The system will require every issue or receipt of these stock items to specify the batch and/or serial numbers.

Serial numbers are typically used to track items such as cell phones for warranty purposes, whereas Batch numbers are often used in industries such as the food industry, for quality control purposes, enabling manufacturers or distributors for instance to recall batches of products is they suspect substandard quality from the customers they have supplied the relevant batches to.

Batch number and serial number tracking is a switchable feature within Omni’s stock/inventory module and provides tracking control over stock items which have unique serial numbers and/or batch numbers attached.

The system allows you to define whether you use a combination of serial and batch numbers in the Stock Options.

You can then specify for each stock item which of these tracking options are to be used. Once this is specified, each time the stock item is issued or received, the user will be required to specify the tracking numbers.

The main difference between the two is that serial numbers are unique per stock item, whereas a batch numbers can apply to multiple items for a stock code. Clicking on the Serial/Batch Numbers button on the Stock edit – Warehouse levels tab will display the list tracking numbers for a stock item screen.

Clicking on the Serial/Batch Numbers button on the Stock Edit - Warehouse Levels tab will display the List Tracking Numbers for a Stock Item screen.

In Omni Serial and/or Batch numbers are referred to as Tracking Numbers.

This Switch is subject to an Annual licence fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

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