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Vehicle Loading*


PLU: SF043

Create loads for vehicles. Add orders to the load and control load weights, print loading sheets and customer lists for loading and delivery purposes.

This feature provides the ability to control the delivery of orders to customers by a fleet of vehicles. Vehicles are created with their load capacities in weight as well as volume. A list of drivers must also be created.

Loads can then be created for vehicles and allocated to a driver and optionally allocated to a route.

Orders can then be added onto the load, and by using the dimensions on each stock item, a track will be kept of the total load weight and volume for the vehicle and the system will warn of any overloading.

Customer Routes can also be used to refine the Sales Order enquiry, where only orders for a specific route are shown. The Customer Route will also define the sequence in which the customer names are printed on the loading sheet. A loading sheet can be printed for a load, showing a list of customers to which to deliver and a list of stock items to be loaded.

Orders can be invoiced directly from the load. Once a load has been delivered, the orders are ’cleared’ off the load. Any undelivered orders are removed so that they can be placed onto another vehicle for re-delivery. Claim numbers for any documents brought back by the driver can be entered, and the load can then be marked as ’Cleared’ . Once a load is cleared it cannot be edited.

This Switch is subject to an Annual licence fee for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

R 2,725.00
Info! This switch is dependant on other switches! A dependant switch needs other switches to operate within Omni. Please see the list below.
Switch Dependencies
Switch Name Price (ZAR)
SF043Vehicle Loading* R 2725.00
SF083 Sales Orders R 685.00
SF024 Stock Control R 685.00
SF059 Stock Dimensions R 140.00
R 4235.00
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