How do switches work?

Individual features are referred to as ‘Switches’ in Omni. It is possible to add individual switches to existing software by purchasing them as and when they are required in order to customise software to best suit the specific requirements of the company.

Omni is not only modular, but granular as well, enabling the customer to pick and mix Bundles, Modules and Switches best suited to their application simply and instantly. Select from our 5 primary products. Each module is carefully balanced to meet different levels of sophistication.

No new installations! No reloads! No worries!

Mix and Match to customise your OMNI Module by selecting, activating, purchasing any additional Switches (features) you require, over and above those available in the module you have purchased.

If you are an existing Omni user, you may want to add functionality to your previously purchased Bundle. This table compares all available Switches in a effort to simplify your choice and aid you in making the decision whether to add the required Switches to your existing Bundle or simply upgrade to the next Omni Bundle.


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