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Configuring an ERP Software Solution is complex as it encompasses many aspects of your business with many levels of complexity and variable costs. Omni Accounts' ERP system is highly customisable. We therefore strongly encourage you to contact us via our on-line chat, email or phone so that we can assist you to configure a solution to suit your unique software requirements.

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 ERP Software Overview

The main aim of an ERP software system is to share information across all areas of a business so that information is all real time and data is only captured once. This results in more accurate and up to date information for the decision makers in the business, as well as enabling employees to work more efficiently.

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We Offer the Following Sections within our ERP Software

Omni Inventory Management

Omni’s inventory (stock) management is extremely comprehensive offering within our ERP software with features such as:-
• Multiple Warehouses
• Multiple Bin Locations
• Unlimited Price Matrix
• Supplier Price Lists
• Multi Level Categorisation
• Multiple Valuation Methods
• Serial Number Tracking
• Batch Number Tracking
• Cost Prices per Warehouse
• Multiple Bar Codes per Product
• Multiple User-Defined Fields
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Omni Manufacturing

Omni’s Bill of Materials allows for the creation of both recipes and sub-recipes, enabling the manufacture/assembly of stock items. In keeping with Omni’s Inventory Control, there is no limit to the number of recipes and sub-recipes which can be created in our ERP software. Omni therefore enables businesses to monitor cost of manufacture, plan and project raw material requirements as well as schedule production via production batches.

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Omni Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material requirement planning plays a critical role in ensuring that a business minimises their out of stock occurrences without being over stocked, be it for manufacturing, jobbing, distribution or retail. MRP management can be accomplished (and customised to meet individual business), by combining our ERP Software's powerful report writing capabilities, which can automatically trigger daily “danger alerts”, together with a featured filled inventory (stock) module.


Omni Job Costing

Omni Accounts Job Costing Module allows you to create Jobs and allocate costs from Supplier Documents, Stock Issues, Banking and Nominal Ledger. Jobs can be invoiced based on various methods such as what was quoted or what was used etc. Omni Accounts Job Costing Module is fully integrated with Customers, Suppliers, Stock and Banking Modules and is thus seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger as well. Once a Job Card has been invoiced and closed, the job card, like all documents in our ERP software, remains available for inspection, re-printing etc. in Omni’s unlimited history file.
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Omni Report Writer

Omni Accounts' ERP software is not just an enterprise resource planning system, it is a management information tool. The need to extract accurate and salient information in virtually any format or layout for analysis and decision making purposes is becoming increasingly more important. Omni does just that, quickly and easily... Putting you in control. Easy to use and you able to write 90% of your reports on your own. Build on an existing library of 300 standard Reports. Don’t be deceived by Omni’s ease of use, Omni is deceptively powerful.


Omni Serial and Batch Numbers

Omni caters for both serial and batch numbers. Omni's ERP software is therefore able to track the purchases and sales of such items with all the relevant history such as warranty claims etc. Serial and batch numbers can also be used in manufacturing and job costing applications, enabling full tracking and tracing of raw materials (with batch or serial numbers) to finished goods with their own serial and/or batch numbers.


Omni Vehicle Loading and Scheduling

The Omni Accounts Vehicle Loading and Distribution Module is developed entirely by Omni Accounts and provides the ability to control the delivery of goods to customers. Omni’s Vehicle Loading & Scheduling module helps you manage your deliveries from time of order to time of delivery, optimise your picking, vehicle loads and routes, and when the truck returns from the delivery run, Omni's ERP software allows you to reconcile your POD’s, claims, returns and non deliveries accordingly.


Omni Contacts & Communication (CRM)

Omni's ERP software allows for any number of contacts, both internal and external, with the ability to link any number of communications and communication types, all with relevant follow up dates and escalations when required.

Omni Multiple Branch Accounting

Omni's ERP software caters for multiple branches and warehouses, managing aspects such as inter-branch transfers, branch sales, branch stock control and branch accounting.

Omni Multi Currency

Our ERP software boasts a fully integrated, powerful Foreign Exchange, Multi-Currency Module. This module gives you the ability to set up and manage Customers, Suppliers and Bank Accounts in currencies other than your home currency and enables reporting in foreign or local (converted) currencies as and when required. Prices on Stock Items can also be specified in other currencies. Gains and losses on foreign currency transactions are automatically posted to a “Profit & Loss on foreign exchange” account as and when exchange rates fluctuate.

Omni Dashboard

An example of a generic dashboard within Omni's ERP software which can be automatically e-mailed at your predesignated time every day of the week. Graphical representation is also very easy including: Full drill downs, Calculation ready and Formulas with reports. Omni Dashboard contains 194 other reports in the background.

Omni Automation

Omni Accounts Automation can provide you with the functionality you require to automate the movement of data into and out of Omni Accounts. Some examples of the type of scenarios in which Omni Automation can be used are: You run a mobile sales force and require synchronisation and movement of data between Omni Accounts and handheld devices. You require specific reports to be run automatically at specific times of the month and even emailed to specific users. You require synchronisation and movement of data between your website and Omni Accounts. With Omni Automation, it is possible to “silently call” Omni Accounts (with several command line parameters) to perform specific tasks automatically as defined in the “auto-parameter” instruction.

Omni Point of Sale

The Omni Point of Sale system incorporates Credit and Cash Sales, Full Cash Ups, Teller Sales Analysis, Cash Controls, Bar Code Scanning, Label Printing etc. Features also include Full Point of Sale, Back Office, Stock Control, PLUS Complete Accounting. Everything you need at the shop.
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Omni Pick and Mix

Seamless Growth Path from Essential to Premium. Omni is not only modular, but granular (switches) as well, enabling the customer to pick and mix Bundles, Modules and Switches best suited to their application simply and instantly. Select from our 7 primary products. Each Module is carefully balanced to meet different levels of sophistication. Pick and Mix to customise your Module by selecting, activating, purchasing any additional Switches you require, over and above those available in the Module you have purchased.


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  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton
  • Omni Accounts is one well-made South African product. Succinct, yet so comprehensive. The software itself answers some of the somewhat confusing questions I posed in class in Johannesburg.

    Tsimi Thulo MBT Accounting Services (Bloemfontein)
  • I wish to take this opportunity of informing the manager/supervisor of the excellent service I received. If assistance is going to be the way of my experience, then I have made up my mind to be purchasing this package.

    Tata Guys Supplier of high quality truck parts (Capetown)
  • You know I don't just like the Omni Accounting Software, I like everything about you guys. All of you need to get accolades. From Reception, Support right through to Accounts! Quick and real professional service. I wish that all suppliers could have been like you guys.

    J.P. Marais GC-Tech
  • I just have to mention what a pleasure it is to work with all of you at Omni.  I have been in the industry for a long time and even when we were the sole distributors for NewAge in KZN, we did not have this kind of relationship with the principals.

    Leon Pelser MBA Business Systems
  • I must say that Omni has been the best accounts package I have seen on the market - it has given us flawless results over the years.

    Clinton Armitage Armitage Computers
  • Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. It has been a privilege!

    Graham Strydom M Strydom & Company
  • Omni Accounts, never ceases to amaze me. The fantastic support is also something worthy of note.

    Malcolm Williamson Zambezi VTC. 2
  • I've been recommending Omni accounting to my friends but now i feel like wearing your T-shirt everywhere! Thank you very much again you have made my day to day.

    Andile Sompondo Ace's Gas. 2
  • I really appreciate the IT support I've received from Omni now and in the past. Omni is head and shoulders above any other company that I've dealt with.

    Grace Catao Elhanja Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • You guys are a credit to the industry.

    Alan TurnerWight Light Marketing Ltd (UK)
  • WOW !!!!! Omni Accounting package what a pleasure to use this package not only is it easy to use but the support team actually supports. I have no accounting knowledge, and I have wasted money on purchasing other packages, yet with Omni Accounts it was 1 - install 2 - activate 3 - setup your company to your own preference and 4 - there you go!

    Cheryl VosDice Pizza Krugersdorp
  • I had no previous experience in working with an accounting package but found Omni very easy to use. And It is so uplifting to see that there are still businesses that do care about their clients.

    Alex WaltersLexwal Management Services
  • In Omni accounting we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module which suits our demanding needs. And For ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

    Zane ValiVali's Auto Electric (Pvt) Ltd
  • When I retired I needed a product to record my home and personal expenses to live within my budget. I needed something more versatile and easy to use to what I was using at the time. Having already experienced the likes of 4 different top accounting packages on the market Omni is definitely my first choice.

    Andries S Janse van Vuuren Lyttelton


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