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UP TO 40% OFF 

Enterprise Resource Planning system which fully integrates and shares information across all areas of your business.

Information is only captured once and is all real-time. This results in more accurate and up-to-date information for the decision-makers in the business, enabling employees to work more efficiently. First you select an Omni Bundle and then add the ERP Modules you require from the list below to create your personalized accounting and ERP system.

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ERP System: Enterprise Resource Planning Software | Omni Accounts

How to get an Accounting and ERP System for your Business

  • First, select the Omni Bundle that meets your requirements.
  • Add on the Omni ERP Modules that you require. See the list on the right.
  • You can decide what you need initially and then easily add functionality as required later.
  • Our Implementation Team can help you set your system up and train your staff.
  • Our  Sales Consultants are ready to give you a Demo and assist you to configure a solution to suit your unique requirements.
  • Contact us via our online chat, or Enquire Now

Get a custom ERP solution

ERP used by

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Anderson Engineering
Exim International
Ingwenya Mineral Processing
Malan’s Dairy
Omni User: Paragon Paints
PLP Labels
RSS – Retail Shopfitting Services / Looto Investments Pty Ltd (Lynspire)
Serco Industries


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Omni Accounting/ERP software - We have been using OMNI for 5 years and find it extremely user friendly and versatile. Interactions with our Sales Consultants - The staff are amazing, they are always friendly & efficient, they won’t hesitate to answer all possible questions and assist you till the end! Interactions with our Support Consultants both Onsite as well as the Support Centre - Have never had better service. Always willing to assist with problems & troubleshooting.

20 user Premium Plus

Geraldine Neveling

The Airplane Factory


Omni has proven to be a fantastic accounting solution package, which we have used for the last 7 years. Their product development and support have been excellent allowing the solution to grow with the needs of our business.

100 user Premium POS Plus

Craig Lilford

Shaves Industrials (Pty) Ltd


I have to share this with OMNI once again, you have put GREAT thinking into branches and reporting categories, we can create such awesome reports!

9 user Enterprise Plus

Anna-Marie Du Toit

Diverso Technology


We find Omni Accounts to be very versatile and easy to use as well as giving us the dynamic reporting functionality that our business needed to increase in productivity and turnover in the last 3 years. We recommend this product to all that consider a new Accounting Software.

12 user Enterprise POS Plus


Malan’s Dairy


Changing to Omni was the best decision we made, it is extremely user friendly and the support line is very efficient with any queries which may arise.

3 user Premium Plus

Kerryn Courtis

Paragon Paints


Omni Accounts is a great accounting software program with all the same features of its major competitors, since we started using it back in 2009 we have not looked back, with local support makes it an even better choice. It’s fully customisable and the options available are endless, and the initial and annual costs are highly affordable even for small businesses.

10 user Premium Plus

Craig Van Dyk