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UP TO 40% OFF 

Deceptively powerful, expandable and easy to use.

Omni’s Premium ERP bundle forms the ultimate foundation for a comprehensive, flexible and scalable ERP and premium accounting software solution. Omni Accounts has an unusual approach that caters for the unique nature of every business, providing the ability to gradually increase and configure ERP functionality as required. Premium is suitable for the demanding and complex business environment, where the ability to understand, analyse and control your business’s processes is of utmost importance, and the drive toward full integration and automation is crucial in order to achieve efficiencies in your operations.

Key Bundle Features:

  • Powerful Report Writer and Advanced Data Analysis
    Unlock insights and drive informed decision-making with our robust report writer and advanced data analysis tools. Create customised reports tailored to your business needs, and delve deep into your data for valuable insights that can guide your strategies.
  • Comprehensive and flexible Customer Price Matrix
    Tailor your pricing strategy with precision using our comprehensive and flexible customer price matrix. Adjust pricing based on customer segments, quantities, or other criteria to optimise revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Stock integrated to Nominal Ledger
    Seamlessly integrate your stock management with the nominal ledger, ensuring accurate financial records and real-time visibility into your inventory’s impact on your financial health.
  • Advanced Supplier functionality
    Streamline supplier interactions and processes with our advanced supplier functionality. Effectively manage orders, payments, and relationships, enhancing efficiency and reducing potential bottlenecks.
  • Build Management Dashboards
    Empower your management with insightful dashboards that provide a holistic view of key performance indicators (KPIs). Monitor business metrics in real-time, facilitating quick and informed decisions for improved overall performance.
  • Add on ERP Modules
    Elevate the capabilities of your bundle further by seamlessly integrating add-on ERP modules. Tailor your business solution by selecting specific modules that address your unique requirements, expanding the scope of your bundle’s functionalities.

*Omni Premium includes all of the Enterprise Bundle’s functionality.

Subject to a mandatory annual licence fee (ALF).

Let our sales team configure the perfect solution for you.

We understand that an ERP solution is complex and, with the incredible flexibility of Omni Accounts, we recommend getting in touch with us so that we can assist you. Please send our Sales Team an Online Enquiry.

See the table below for Switches included in the Omni Premium Bundle.

Bundle comparison

39 / 40
31 / 40
28 / 40
22 / 40
10 / 40
7 / 40
1 / 40
24 / 25
16 / 25
13 / 25
10 / 25
8 / 25
3 / 25
0 / 25
29 / 29
26 / 29
20 / 29
17 / 29
4 / 29
4 / 29
0 / 29
3 / 3
3 / 3
2 / 3
2 / 3
1 / 3
1 / 3
0 / 3
7 / 7
6 / 7
4 / 7
4 / 7
2 / 7
2 / 7
0 / 7
14 / 14
9 / 14
6 / 14
6 / 14
4 / 14
2 / 14
0 / 14

Bundle used by

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Exim International
Jumbo Brands
Shaves Paint & Decor
The Airplane Company
Sparkling Auto Care Centres
Serco Industries
Salmon Solutions
Rubicon SA
RSS – Retail Shopfitting Services / Looto Investments Pty Ltd (Lynspire)
Omni User: Paragon Paints
Osborn Thomson
Nucleo Technologies
Key Software
IT Future Computer Solutions
Ingwenya Mineral Processing
Global Network Systems
Emfuleni Computers
Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals
Ease Accounting
Digit Technologies
CutAbove Solutions
Welgro Engineering & Mining
Cell & IT Warehouse (Complete Office Solutions)
Trees SA
EISH – Extreme Industrial Suppliers & Hygiene
Fresh Concepts
Rams Sporting Academy
Security Hyperstore
Furnish Southern Africa

Need Help?

Omni Accounts prides itself on offering leading edge accounting software that is both intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal support. However, we also realise that no matter how intuitive Omni might be there will always be a need for comprehensive and professional support.


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Omni Accounts never ceases to amaze me. The fantastic support is also something worthy of note.

2 user Business Plus

Malcolm Williamson

Zambezi VTC


You guys are a credit to the industry.

1 user Business Plus

Alan Turner

Wight Light Marketing Ltd (UK)


Omni Point of Sale has worked well for my business for a number of years.

3 user Business POS Plus

Dennis Mitchell

UK Emporium KZN


In Omni accounting, we have found an easy to use system with a comprehensive stock module that suits our demanding needs. And for ease of use, versatility, support and value for money, you will not find a better accounting package.

5 user Enterprise

Zane Vali

Vali’s Auto Electric (Pty) Ltd


We have been using the OMNI Accounting Package for 2 years and in my personal opinion, it is the best decision our company has made. It is user friendly, comprehensive in its functionality and the support has been outstanding.

8 user Premium Plus


TW Technical Services


Thank you very much for such a wonderful fast service. Thank you very much team. Stay well and keep the service. Very happy.

3 user Business POS Plus


The Patio