Make use of quick and easy stock take functions, with printable stock take sheets and editable batches.

Stock takes are used to monitor and check your physical stock levels.


  • By physically counting your stock items and comparing them to the theoretical levels you are able to keep track of shortages due to breakages and theft. You are able to write this off to the relevant Nominal Ledger Accounts.
  • Stock take can be set to use current levels or levels as at a particular date.
  • Stock take can pull all stock items in or you can selectively bring in the stock items which you require counted.
  • Easy to use printable stock take sheets available.
  • Stock take can be edited and saved without actual levels being affected until the processing thereof.
  • Stock take variance report available which will assist you to see where your variances lie and the cost implications of these variances.  It is easy to see if an item moved during a stock take, and flag it for a recount.
  • Perpetual stock takes are facilitated by being able to see when an item was last counted.
  • You can also import your stock take levels into a stock take batch from a CSV or ASCII text file with the use of the complimentary switch SF055 Stock Take Batch Import.

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