Multiple Warehouses


* Companies that hold stock in multiple physical warehouses
* In the Manufacturing Industry to separate stock within the factory. For example, Raw Materials, Finished Goods and WIP.

Stock Serial & Batch Numbers


* Companies that sell high-value stock items or stock items that have a warranty period.

* Food and Beverage Industry to track batches of raw materials or finished goods.

Stock Bar Codes


* Multiple Industries and Retail sectors to identify stock items.

* Point of Sale (POS)

* Can also be used to scan serial numbers.

Bill of Materials (BOM)


* Manufacturing industries.

* Liquor Store environment where items are sold in cases as well as singles.

* Retail Outlets, selling items in kits.

Decanting (Production) Batches


* Manufacturing Industries to streamline production and allow for production planning and stock reordering.

* Retail Stores that repackage and/or combine stock items.

Featured Switches

  • SF028 Multiple Stock Warehouses* Read
  • SF040 Stock Serial and Batch Numbers* Read
  • SF058 Stock Bar Codes Read
  • SF030 Cost Prices Per Warehouse* Read
  • SF051 Bill of Materials* Read
  • SF052 Inter-Warehouse Documentation* Read
  • SF054 Stock Decanting Batches* Read
  • SF057 Recurring Decanting Batches* Read
  • SF060 Auto Manufacture when short Read
  • SF062 Multiple Stock Control Accounts Read
  • SF061 Mixed Stock Valuation Methods* Read
  • SF064 Stock Sub-Category Read

Module used by

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Anderson Engineering
Blue Swallow
Colourite Masterbatch
Comet Aviation Supplies
DataDot Technology
Digit Technologies
Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals
Exim International
Harcliff Mining Services
Ingwenya Mineral Processing
Jumbo Brands
Madibas Packaging
Malan’s Dairy
Metallic Mermaid
Metalogik Engineering Services
Pack-Line Packaging
RGM Cranes
RSS – Retail Shopfitting Services
Rubicon SA
Salmon Solutions
Serco Industries
Shaves Paint & Decor
Soaring Free Superfoods
Sparkling Auto Care Centres
The Airplane Company

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Upgrading to another Bundle costs only the price difference between the two Bundles.

Upon payment, a new unlock serial number will be issued

Certain ERP switches can only be purchased individually, such as SF51 Bill of Materials.

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Suggested bundles for module

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Omni Business for a medium-sized business. The starting point for ERP.

Business Pro

Business Pro

Business Pro is suitable for a more established business that requires more ERP functionality.



The Omni Accounts Enterprise Bundle is suitable for businesses requiring sophisticated accounting and ERP controls with advanced management information.



Omni Premium Bundle is the top-of-the-range bundle developed for large established businesses that require cutting-edge, sophisticated ERP and accounting controls.


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Omni Accounts is a great accounting software program with all the same features of its major competitors, since we started using it back in 2009 we have not looked back, with local support makes it an even better choice. It’s fully customisable and the options available are endless, and the initial and annual costs are highly affordable even for small businesses.

10 user Premium Plus

Craig Van Dyk




4 user Premium Plus

Juanita Williamson

Baviaans Tyres


We have been using the Omni Accounting package for a few years now, and have found it to have all the answers to our financial questions. We researched a stock control/manufacturing package solution and Omni has certainly provided that and more.

15 user Premium Plus

Denise Gibson

Dekade Paints


We have been using Omni Accounts for over 1½ decades. It is SIMPLE but versatile to use and very adaptable to most requirements. During the years upgrade has been done to the program making it an integral part of our business. Feedback and response from sales or support staff are great.

16 user Enterprise Plus

Linton Schmidt

DTS Security Products


Omni Support Team, I would like to thank you for your assistance with my problem. Junior thank you for all your patience. I can honestly say that this was one of the best support teams I have ever encountered. Thank you all very much.

12 user Enterprise Plus

Adri Van Vuuren

KT Beverages


We find Omni Accounts to be very versatile and easy to use as well as giving us the dynamic reporting functionality that our business needed to increase in productivity and turnover in the last 3 years. We recommend this product to all that consider a new Accounting Software.

12 user Enterprise POS Plus


Malan’s Dairy


Omni has proven to be a fantastic accounting solution package, which we have used for the last 7 years. Their product development and support have been excellent allowing the solution to grow with the needs of our business.

100 user Premium POS Plus

Craig Lilford

Shaves Industrials (Pty) Ltd


I would like to share that Omni Accounts is a great accounting system where we can manage direct retail stores as well as Service Centres across South Africa in a matter of seconds. Awesome report base and very easy to create your own daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly and Annual reports by making a few changes. I recommend Omni Accounts to all new entrepreneurs as well as corporate companies…. Happy trading!!!

40 user Premium POS Plus

Corne Raubenheimer



Omni Accounting/ERP software - We have been using OMNI for 5 years and find it extremely user friendly and versatile. Interactions with our Sales Consultants - The staff are amazing, they are always friendly & efficient, they won’t hesitate to answer all possible questions and assist you till the end! Interactions with our Support Consultants both Onsite as well as the Support Centre - Have never had better service. Always willing to assist with problems & troubleshooting.

20 user Premium Plus

Geraldine Neveling

The Airplane Factory