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Setup recipes for stock items using the Bill of Materials (BOM). These items can then be manufactured.

This feature allows you to set up recipes that define what stock or service items are used to assemble or manufacture another stock item.


  • The cost of the manufactured or assembled stock items is calculated from the costs of the stock items used in the recipe.
  • Other costs, such as labour, can also be included in the recipe by using Stock Service items.
  • Can be used to make up kits, covert stock from one unit of measure to another, break down cases of beer into six-packs or individual units.
  • Used in conjunction with Switch 60 – Auto Manufacture When Short – finished good stock items can be manufactured using the recipe at point of invoicing or issuing a stock item.
  • Multiple levels of recipes or BOM’s can be created.
  • Order in which sub-recipes are manufactured can be configured.


You supply china tea sets. You buy the individual plates, cups and saucers etc separately and then make up the tea sets. A recipe can be set up detailing what items comprise a particular tea set, packaging used and possibly a labour cost to cover the time taken to package the items.

Each time you assemble (manufacture) a tea set the system will do the following:

  • Reduce the individual stock items (cups etc)  that make up the tea set.
  • Calculate the cost of the tea set from the cost of the items used to make up the tea set.
  • Add the tea set into stock.

This Switch is subject to an Annual Licence Fee (ALF) for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration*

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