Bill of Materials

Omni’s Bill of Materials (BOM) allows for the creation of both recipes and sub-recipes, enabling the manufacture/assembly of multiple stock items.

There is no limit to the number of recipes and sub-recipes which can be created. This functionality enables businesses to monitor the cost of manufacture as well as plan and project raw material requirements and schedule production via production batches. The order in which sub-recipes are manufactured can be configured.

The cost of the manufactured or assembled stock items is calculated from the costs of the stock items used in the recipe. Other costs, such as labour, can also be included in the recipe by using Stock Service items.

A Bill Of Materials (BOM) Can be used to make up kits, covert stock from one unit of measure to another, break down cases of beer into six-packs or individual units. When used in conjunction with  Auto Manufacture When Short switch, the finished good stock item can be manufactured using the recipe at the point of invoicing or issuing the stock item.

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