Stock Bar Codes

Stock Bar Codes (Barcodes) can greatly enhance the management of an Inventory System. Omni allows you to enter a primary bar code as well as multiple alternate bar codes per stock item. These bar codes can be used to scan stock codes rather than keying them in which provides faster more accurate processing. Omni uses USB or keyboard wedge type scanners.

Using bar codes in a POS environment is particularly common. Stock Bar Codes can also be set up to handle bar codes produced by scales.

Bar codes can be printed for example or Purchase Orders to assist suppliers to correctly identify the items on the order, thereby minimising the chance of errors.

Print stock price labels with bar codes. (Note: although not essential, a proper bar code printer is recommended).

Use a programmable bar code scanner (which produces a CSV file) for quick and accurate stock takes, and import the stock counts into an Omni stock take batch. Read Barcodes for more information