Create a Price List for a Supplier with a ‘valid from’ date. When processing Purchase Orders and Invoices for this Supplier, these prices will be used as the default.

The switch enables the Supplier Price Lists which allow you to create a batch of prices that you receive from a Supplier for multiple stock items. The stock codes on these price lists that you receive are not normally your stock codes but the Supplier’s stock codes.

The items in the price lists are linked to your stock items via the Supplier Cross References. Each price list will pertain to a specific Supplier. The list will also have a date from which it is valid. Once this date is reached, the system will use this specific price list to pick up prices when you process a Supplier Document for the Supplier concerned.

Using these price lists will allow you to have multiple Supplier Price Lists valid from different dates and also from different Suppliers.

Supplier Price Lists can also be imported.

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