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Define properties for the fields per document type.

This tab displays a grid, which allows you to set up the properties of the fields on the various document forms.

For example, you may wish to set Customer Order Number to mandatory on Sales Orders and to Read Only on Invoices. This will mean that a customer order number must be entered on an order, but on an invoice, it cannot be altered.

This functionality is also very useful if you wish to speed up the processing of certain documents, such as POS Invoices, as unused fields such as Delivery Address can be made Read Only.

The fields Cost Price and Gross Profit can only be set to Show or Hide. If they are set to Show, then when adding a stock line item, by moving your cursor over the Selling Price field, the Gross Profit and Cost Price will display as a hint. The fields also become available in the grid where all the line items on the document are displayed.

These fields may need to be added to the grid by using the Columns Customising function. Additionally, the Gross Profit percentage can be seen in the grid, per line and with a total.

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