Recurring Invoices can be set up with a recurring period in either months, weeks or days. Once the recurring invoice is due it can be used to generate a standard invoice.

A Recurring Customer Invoice is an invoice that is processed at regular intervals for a customer. For example, many businesses have Customer Service Contracts. These are processed for customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The Recurring Invoices feature is an ideal way to handle these.

Omni allows you to set up multiple Recurring Invoices per Customer, with user-defined recurring intervals and also an option as to how many times each Invoice recurs. These Recurring Invoices do NOT update the customer accounts, nor are any stock levels affected.

The Due Date on a Recurring Invoice indicates at what date the invoice is due to be processed. When a Sales Invoice is generated from a Recurring Invoice, the recurring interval is applied to the current Due Date, thus updating when the Recurring Invoice is next due to be processed.

Recurring Invoices can be selected individually or in batches, for processing. This then generates a normal Customer Invoice, which reflects on the customer account and will update any stock line items. A Recurring Customer Invoice is classified as an Omni Customer Document.

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