Capture customer orders which reserves the stock and provides better control. Convert the order into an invoice with part invoicing and back order functionality.


  • This switch allows you to create a Sales Order when a customer places an order for goods and/or services with your business. If you are using the Stock Control, the relevant stock is marked as being reserved.
  • Sales Orders can be generated from a Quote without having to re-enter all the information.
  • Invoices or Delivery Notes can then be generated from the order without having to re-enter all the information.
  • A Sales Order can also be partly invoiced and the outstanding balance can be invoiced at a later stage.
  • Use in conjunction with Switch 90 – No Customer Back Orders to control down to the individual stock item whether to keep it on backorder or not.
  • Strong reporting functionality available to ensure you know exactly the status of each Sales Order in the system.

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