Categorise each of your Nominal (General) Ledger Accounts using three different categories. Then extract reports on these categories. Useful for businesses with multiple subsidiaries, branches or cost centres.

This switch enables the three optional report categories, which can be applied to each Nominal Ledger account and then used for reporting purposes. You may use one, two or all three of the categories.

The values of these categories are set up in the Options and then the relevant category is selected for each Nominal Ledger Account.


Your company has two branches, a Head Office and a Durban branch. If you wished to report on these branches separately, you would then create a report category and name it ’Branch’. You then enter two values, being Head Office and Durban.

Then for each nominal ledger account, you would specify if the account belongs to ‘Head Office’ or ‘Durban’ branch. You will be able to print all Nominal Ledger reports for each branch by selecting to group by branch in your report set- up.

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