How do I go about entering adjustments given to me by my accountant?

    • First, you need to make sure you have allowed processing for the previous financial year. See here Once I have done a Year End, will I still be able to post to the previous financial year?  You can then process the entries.
    • Omni gives you the option of switching on a ‘Year End Processing Mode’ (File| Yearly Functions| Switch on Year End adjustment mode). Any transactions that are processed while in this mode are flagged as “Year End Adjustments”. Once you have finished processing, go back into the option to Switch Off Year End Processing Mode.

  • You would normally use this function after you have done a Year End and you are posting adjusting entries given to you by your accountant.
  • You can then print your Nominal Ledger reports including or excluding these ‘Year End Adjustment’ transactions.
  • What this means is that you can print Financial Year End reports including or excluding the adjustments, received from your accountants, that you have entered using the ‘Year End Processing Mode’. So you can print an Income Statement and Balance Sheet that include or exclude these adjustments.
  • Remember to switch “Year End Processing Mode” off and also disallow processing for this previous year (Tools| Options| Setup Periods) once you have finished. You don’t want someone to process anything else in this Previous Year by mistake.