I can’t copy my company

The reason for the message you are getting is due to the fact that you have ticked the box “Copy Company” on the Year End Screen. Ticking this option means that you want Omni to create another Company on the system with data as it was before the year end is processed. This option was created for easy reference if at some point you need to look at the state of the company before the Year End was processed. It is entirely optional. In version 7.9.56 and later the screen is also more descriptive.

Your user licence only lets you create a maximum of 5 companies and you are therefore getting this message as you already have 5 active Companies. There are 3 solutions to this problem:

  • Buy the feature Switch Unlimited Companies.
  • Remove the tick from the “Copy Company” option before you run the Year End.
  • Log into the Control Centre, click Company | List Companies and then delete or deactivate a Company that is no longer required.