What is the difference between Remote Desktop and Terminal Services?

  • Remote desktop comes free with Windows. It does have the limitation though, that only one person can be using that office PC at a time. (which is fine for most people, who just want to do some work from home after hours).
  • Terminal Services is very similar but is a program that runs on a Windows Server, and you pay per licence. It allows multiple people to all be logged on to the same server, without knowing they are all using the same machine, as they each have their own environment. NB. The users still log on remotely to the server using the same Remote Desktop program on their PCs. This could be useful if you have reps in the field that never come into the office, so you do not want to have an extra PC for each of them in the office. Some of our dealers even host all the users for an entire company in this fashion, saving the company from having a server on their premises at all.