Report Writer

The Omni Report Writer is the method by which most reports are configured.  It forms a powerful generic and flexible foundation to enable the user to print reports for their own needs. There are four sections that define the report structure.

    • Layout/Columns. This section allows you to define which fields to print, the sorting hierarchy as well as the grouping structure. Setup Reports controls this functionality.
    • Parameters. This section enables the user to define the parameters of the report. For example date ranges or periods, specific field values e.g. a specific Stock Category or specific field conditions e.g. quantity <> 0.
    • Filters. This section provides more options for filters on the data extracted.
    • Printer Setup. Select the printer as well as options such as setting a label format, export the data or print orientation or small fonts. The report can then be previewed, output to a grid, exported, emailed or sent to Advanced Data Analysis

With Setup New User Defined Reports, you can save the report so you don’t lose the settings.

With the Design Custom Report Layout Switch, you can design your own unique reports.