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Release 7.21.68


How to Download

Existing Omni customers with a valid upgrade subscription can use the download option from the Omni Customer Portal. Downloading from here ensures you get the correct version and ensures the quick delivery of your upgrade serial number.

[Download 7.21.68 Install]

[Upgrade Instructions]

Need a different version? Please see our releases page.


What’s New

This version will not run on Windows XP.

Below are just some of the highlights.  Click here for the full release notes.

Report Writer (Fast Reports)

The Report Writer (Fast Reports) now allows the addition of Editable Fields that can be edited from a PDF reader.

The option of attaching additional PDF documents to the Fast Report layouts such as the PDF documents that will print with the Omni documents.

New Freeze function on Gridcolumns

On certain Grids, the columns can now to ‘frozen’. This results in those columns not moving when scrolling left to right,  (similar to Excel). This is useful when scrolling to the extreme right of the grid of a wide grid so that the left-hand columns do not move.

API Enhancements

A new endpoint has been added to allow Supplier Delivery Notes to be processed via the API.

Change Log Tables

The Change Log Tables are now able to track changes in banking transactions being added and removed on Bank Recons. Also added to the Change Logs are changes to the customer accounts selling price Index and Discount level

Barcode scanning of Batch Tracking numbers

Batch numbers can now be scanned when moving stock out and scanning is no longer limited to items tracked by serial number.

Credit card Integration – Vexen

Enhancements have been made to the Vexen Link app to allow it to run on Remote Desktop.

The port on the app can be changed to a user-defined port number. The app is also more robust in handling redirected printers on a remote desktop session.

Minor enhancements include the following :

  • Calculator added on Supplier Non-Stock Discount field.
  • Supplier Invoice Check on Duplicate Invoices is now case-sensitive
  • Turnover column on List Customer Accounts Screen linked Sales Audit Trail permission