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NB. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading. Please note you will need a valid Upgrade Subscription and a 7.18 Upgrade Serial Number to be able to upgradeThe same install file is used for both installing and upgrading.

Need a different version? Please see our support page for other releases.

Please see our BETA FAQ if you are interested in signing up as a BETA tester.

What’s New

This version will not run on Windows XP.
Still using Firebird 2.5.x. New installations will install Firebird 2.5.8 Classic, including the optimised configuration files from IBSurgeon.

Below are just some of the highlights. Full release notes will be available upon release.

Promotions and discounts

There have been various changes to help with promotions:

Line Discounts

Line Discounts can now be a value or a percent. This includes the discount field on customer deals.
If you offer Line Discounts on sales documents, you can now set the discount percent for multiple lines at once.

Stock Sub-Category

There is now an optional Stock Sub-Category on stock items.

  • Appears on invoice menu
  • Can be used in deals
  • Has to belong to a Stock Category.
  • Designed to be used for items that are basically interchangeable, and generally priced the same, and differ on in Flavour, or Colour, etc.

'Multiples Of' on Volume Deals

The volume discounts on deals can now be flipped between being “Minimum Qty”, and “Multiples of a specific Qty”.

Checking sub-category volume deals across different lines

If you use Stock Sub-Category Deals, and volume discounts (minimum or multiples), then deals for ‘Any’ Stock Code in a specific Stock Sub-Category can now be checked across all lines on an invoice, by invoking this new switch.

Examples of use:

  • Buy 5 packets of 2 minute noodles for R20 (you save R2.50)
  • Buy 3 1L yoghurt, any flavour for R90 (you save R5)
  • Buy any 3 quick-drying spray paints, and get 15% off
  • Buy any 3 Cadbury slabs for R30 (normally R14 each)

Items are rung up as normal, and lines are analysed when moving to the totals tab, checking for any specials across multiple lines, when the quantities per sub-category are totalled up and summarised.

Promotion Description on Deals

A Promotion description can now be entered on deals. This then allows you to pull sales analysis reports to see how your promotions are doing, for example:

 Promotion Revenue   GP  GP%
 Black Friday  123,000   23,000  5%
 Hello Summer    45,000   21,000  45%
 End of Season    22,000     2,000  6%
 Clearance Sale     5,000    -2,000  -16%

See Details of Promotions changes for 7.18.65 for more details regarding all of the promotions and discounting changes done in this release.

Extra Customer Info per sales document

If you have Sales Document Field setup, you can now optionally make the 8 Extra Customer Details fields available for editing on the sales documents.

Batch update on sales invoices for non-Financial fields

If you have permission to do Credit Notes and Corrections, you can now correct non-financial fields on invoices like Area, Sales Rep and Transaction Analysis (when overall) as long as the periods have not been closed off.

Custom queries for adding stock to sales documents

Have workflows that will only ever apply to your company or your specific industry? You can now optionally specify/override qty, description, price and discount as well.

Formulas can even be picked up from any text field residing in your database if necessary – for example on one of the Extra Recipe Info fields.

Examples of use:

  • Compatible parts for specific brands.
  • Calculate required quantities according to custom sizes specified by the customer (eg. according to Length and Breadth entered into one of the quotes extra info fields).

Write custom script in the Simple POS header

In the scripts section of the POS header editing, two new functions have been made available to add lines and alter the overall discount code. This then lets you add lines and /or alter discounts according to your own set of rules.

Some examples of use:

  • If total becomes greater than R1000, add a free gift.
  • If total becomes more than R5000, change the overall discount code to 5%
  • If total becomes more than R500, add free delivery.
  • If more than 5 widgets are purchased, add a negative non-stock line to provide a fixed discount.
  •  If a printer is added, add a cable with a 20% discount.

Suppliers and Purchasing - Purchase Order Approval

Once this option is invoked, all purchase orders need to be authorised before they are allowed to be sent off to the supplier.
You can specify the maximum value to which each employee is allowed to approve per order, giving you control over which orders need a manager’s approval.
Revising a Purchase Order will automatically invoke the need to be re-approved.

Suppliers and Purchasing - Custom queries for adding stock to purchase documents

There are already quite a few ways to add stock to a purchase order, but this option allows you to take things a step further with complex customisation possible.
Works in the same way as the option on the sales documents described above.

Company Branches - Suppliers

Supplier accounts can now belong exclusively to a particular company branch, in the same way that customer accounts can.

Company Branches - Options

Default Nominal Ledger Accounts are now configured per branch.

This gives you the ability to have:

  • Overall and Settlement Discount Allowed and Received accounts per branch
  • Interest Allowed and Received accounts per branch
  • Bank Charges Accounts per branch
  • Forex Profit and Loss accounts per currency per branch
  • VAT Control Account per branch (if you submit one return for all branches, it would possibly be best to keep them in one account still)
  • Default Customer and Supplier Control Accounts per branch

NB. After upgrading, if you run multiple branches, ALL the branches, will take over the existing Nominal Ledger setup options. Ie. The system will run the same way the previous versions did. Should you want to start using the new functionality, you will then need to go in and configure the Nominal Ledger options for each branch accordingly.

General - Images now stored internally as JPG

Stock Images are now stored internally as JPG not BMP, making the size of your database much smaller if you store stock images within your main database file.

General - Default Report Export Location

The default file location for saving reports, grids, etc to Excel is now the windows “My Documents” folder, and not a shared folder on the server.

General - Two new default report types

When saving the report type, you can now pick “Analyse” and “Output to Grid”. This has several benefits, eg:

  • If a report is designed primarily for Data Analysis, you no longer need to remember to click Analyse. Clicking Preview will take you to the appropriate output that you saved for that report.
  • Data Analysis reports can now be automated.
  • If you have an automated report exporting to CSV or Excel, and you prefer the Grid’s export over the raw CSV and the FastReports CSV/XLSX, you can now save the report as a grid output, and the automation will use that format for exporting.

General - Can now use the Web Service in Excel

Can now pull any report data into an Excel spreadsheet as a dataset, using Excel’s web service option.
Unlike Google Docs which supports JSON, MS Excel still only supports XML, but adding .XML to the end of the report name will invoke our web service to return XML in place of JSON for the reports.

General - Locking

Invalidation of locking has been further improved, lessoning your chances of experiencing data problems if one person overrides another person’s lock.
Have also added a handy email button to the lock screen, which will prep a mail for you asking the person who has locked the item to please close it.