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[Download 7.19.66 Install]

If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading. Please note you will need a valid Upgrade Subscription and a 7.19 Upgrade Serial Number to be able to upgrade. The same install file is used for both installing and upgrading.

If you have an existing Omni installation, and are not sure which version to download, please visit your Customer Area to download.

Need a different version? Please see go back to our Support page to see other releases.

What’s New

This version will not run on Windows XP.
Still using Firebird 2.5.x. New installations will install Firebird 2.5.9 Classic, including the optimised configuration files from IBSurgeon.


New user permission: the user may work with any sales rep. Removing this permission only allows the person logging in to work with their own customers, and their own sales orders, quotes and invoices.
Sales reps can now be made editable/mandatory/read-only on customers and/or jobs.

New user permission to allow certain users to edit fields that have been made read-only for everyone else via the document field setup.

New user permission: the user may sell reserved stock. Removing this permission will prevent users from doing a New Invoice, and selling unavailable stock that is reserved for someone else.

Tracking numbers can now be picked up front when invoicing.

If you are busy creating a new quote, and have not yet saved it at all and there is a power cut (and the client PC is not on the UPS, only the server is), when you next log on to Omni, the quote you were working on will now appear where you left off.

Point of Sale

Ability to use unallocated credits on a customer account when invoicing. Useful for:

  • Canteens/clubs where members pre-load credit on their account for buying food and drinks and never have a debit balance.
  • If you have a loyalty program and have given the customer journal credits, you can now use those credits at the till (like you can at Clicks for example).
  • Customer has already paid a deposit before the invoice is done.
  • Customer already paid via EFT before coming to collect their goods.
  • When you return empties, and are given a credit voucher, (like Makro do for example), when you next go buy more goods, you can now use your credit voucher against the invoice.

Stock Decanting Batches

You can now easily set one (or more) of your Tracking Batch Numbers to the Decanting Batch Reference number when manufacturing a batch by simply pressing F12 in the relevant Batch Number field to fill in the reference number.

If you needed to adjust your raw materials used, or the quantity produced – and you are only manufacturing one finished item – then getting the batch to balance is now as easy as clicking “Yes” to confirm. If you have more than one item, then you will still need to press F12 in the cost of the relevant target line to get the batch to balance.

Job Costing

Crediting an “Invoice what was used” job will now pre-populate the credit note with any stock receipted back to the job.

Useful when you have a 2-step procedure for processing credit notes, and do a final check before crediting.


You can now log on to another recently used company from the File menu.

When viewing a customer or supplier account (for example when drilling down from reports), the screen will now open on the Statement tab.

Two new functions have been added to the custom report writer to assist with more complex drilldowns and relationships between different reports.

Integrations – API Changes

  • Extensive API changes have been made to facilitate integrations with various WMS solutions that allow for mobile scanning in the warehouse.
  • The ability to specify Serial and Batch Tracking numbers has been included as well.
  • Timesheets can be logged against jobs, and Stock can be issued to work in progress for a job (including batch numbers if need be).
  • Manufacturing (including batch numbers) can be done via decanting.
  • Warehouse Transfer documents and Journal Stock Transfers can be used for moving stock between warehouses, altering batch numbers, or moving stock to different bins.
  • Purchase order can now be invoiced via the API too (including serial and batch tracking if need be).
  • Sales Journal Entries can be posted for Settlement and Rounding differences, or for giving Journal Credits as rewards to be picked up and used on the next invoice.
  • Sales Documents can now be emailed via the API as well.
  • You will need this version of the API if you would like to try out the new responsive web front end for Sales Orders, Reports, and basic expense capturing.


If you have the communications switch, you can now send emails via SMTP, doing away with the need to have an email client installed along with Omni if you use a web based email provider.


These are just some of the highlights. Full release notes will be available upon release.