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How to Download

If you are an existing Omni customer with a valid upgrade subscription, then this version can be downloaded from the Omni Customer Portal.

Need a different version? Please see our releases page.

What’s New

This version will not run on Windows XP.

Below are just some of the highlights. Full release notes will be available upon release.

There has been a minor release, details below.

Minor release

  • User login passwords are now case-sensitive.
  • The problem with the UK VAT submission to HMRC when the sales total was negative has been corrected.
  • A problem with serial tracking numbers on POS Invoices has been corrected.
  • User Defined Fields (UDFs) are now not automatically loaded on Enquiry screens, due to impact on speed. They can be manually enabled by ticking a check box.
  • The Grid output of memo fields is now working correctly.
  • Sales Credit Notes posted in the same period as the invoice will reflect in Box 1 and Box 4. Supplier Credit Notes, posted in the same period as the invoice will reflect in Box 15. You are able to move these amounts to Box 18 manually.
  • A new Stock Valuation method called (IFRS) Weighted Moving Average has been added. This method works the same as the Weighted Moving Average except when a transaction which affects the cost price is posted, and where the quantity on that transaction exceeds the current stock level, then the current stock level is used instead of the transaction quantity. This overcomes problems in these cases where previously the cost price adjustments were extreme.

64 bit Firebird 3

This release makes use of the 64 bit Firebird 3 SuperServer, which will now be installed by default on port 3051. Upgrading will leave your existing Firebird 2.5 Classic Server in place on port 3050, and install 64 bit Firebird 3 SuperServer on port 3051. Omni will then change over to using port 3051 as the default Firebird port.

As part of the upgrade, all existing databases need to be backed up using Firebird 2.5 and then restored as a Firebird 3 database. The Omni optimisation will handle this procedure. If a database is still in the old format, it will automatically do the backup using your old Firebird 2.5 installation still running on port 3050.

One of the major benefits of Firebird 3, is the ability for SuperServer to run as one process that uses shared memory, yet can still make use of multi-core CPUs. Basically, it runs faster and uses less memory.

UK Sites

This is an essential update for UK customers who are registered for VAT.

There are updates for submissions to HMRC, and they won’t accept older versions after July 2021.

Botswana Sites

New companies created from now on will default to the new 14% VAT rate

New grid search option on customer and supplier statement tab

Statement Tab: there is now a Ctrl+F option to search for text in any of the fields on the grid.

This is useful for finding an invoice, proforma or order when a payment has been made so that the relevant processing can take place from this screen.

Can now save who to CC and BCC automatically on your email templates

When sending quotes, or order confirmations, etc. you can now specify who should always get CC’d or BCC’d a copy of the document when sending out emails.

User permissions per report columns

Before, permissions we only per report type, so you could just choose if an entire report was accessible or not. Now, each column has a user permission defined, so you can now let user “Setup Report”, and they won’t be able to add in things like Cost Prices, if they do not have permission to “View Cost Prices”

Different default Pack Sizes per Supplier

The default pack size on the stock item can now be optionally overridden per supplier on the supplier cross reference.
This will carry through to the pack size on the purchase order, allowing you to print the number of packs required specifically for purchases from that supplier.

New Feature:- User Defined Fields

An exciting new feature called “User Defined Fields” is available. We have always had various “Extra Info” fields, but you may have run out, or you may be finding the free-text style entry a bit limiting and would prefer a fixed picklist, or to be able to have a value that is definitely a valid number or a valid date for example.

This extensive new option allows you to define various text, numeric, yes/no, date and fixed lookup fields which can then be assigned for use on stock items, customer accounts, supplier accounts and job cards, as well as sales and purchase documents, with further control per category too if need be. These fields can be linked to user permissions to control who can view and edit them as well. For lookup fields, you can create your own new list using the new extended reporting categories, or else you can opt to use one of the many standard lookup fields, for example, Sales Reps, Customer Accounts, Customer Areas, etc.

Cloud Portal Enhancments

Changes to the Omni Hybrid Cloud Portal are still actively ongoing for this 2021 release, but so far the following has been added:
– banking: bank charges and interest can now be posted
– sales setup options can now be administered
– basic lookup fields can now be added/removed and edited. For example customer areas, customer categories and discount codes, etc.
– any applicable desktop changes are also carried through to the Cloud side as well. For example, the new

User Defined Fields, if added to a customer account, job or sales document, will also be able to be captured via the Cloud portal when editing customers and their documents. Likewise, the new report permissions per report field, as well as any User Defined Fields added to report, will also carry through to the Cloud too.