Omni Grids

Omni Accounts’ Grids are an integral part of the power and flexibility of the software. Some of the functionality unlocked by the Customise Grids Switch are:

  • Drag and Drop. Rearrange fields on your screen or add new fields and remove existing ones.
  • Group Data. By dragging one or more fields into the Grouping section, all the data on the screen is grouped by those fields with subtotals and totals.
  • Sort Columns. Click on a column to sort in ascending or descending order. Hold the CTRL key to sort by multiple columns.
  • Layouts. Save up to five different layouts per grid.
  • Export. Export your data (or just a section of it) to a spreadsheet. Export Data from Grids Switch controls this functionality.
  • Drill Down. Double click a row to drill down into the source document.
  • Filter. Use the Filter Panel to define exactly what data you wish to display.