Sundry Switches

There are a few Sundry Switches that fall under General.

  • Pure VAT on Invoices. This Switch is used by companies that import goods using a clearing agent. It enables them to add the VAT amount on the imported goods which is raised on the clearing agent’s invoice which the agent then pays over to SARS.  Similarly, the function can be used by a company that acts as a clearing agent and needs to raise these VAT amounts on their invoices.
  • Unlimited Number of Companies. The standard number of companies that can be linked to an Omni Accounts installation is five. This Switch allows for an unlimited number of companies to be added. Essential if you are an accountant doing the books for multiple clients.
  • Invoice Negative Quantities. This allows the use of negative quantities on Customer and Supplier documents. Useful for adding trade-ins or exchanges. Also useful in a Point of Sale environment.